Forced Labor Charges Brought Against Saudi Princess Living in US  


According to a press release, Hana F. al Jader, a Saudi Princess, was arrested today on charges of forced labor. According to the allegation, al Jader used coercion to keep two Indonesian women as domestic servants.  

Tony Blair: 'Wake Up' to Iran's Extremism  


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrapped up a Middle East tour Wednesday with a blunt speech warning that the world faces a monumental struggle between moderates and extremists - and labeling Iran the main obstacle to hopes for peace. 

هدم منزل مسيحي في المنيا بعد انتشار إشاعة أنه كنيسة!!ة

مجرد اشاعة انطلقت بين مسلمين قرية كوم اللوف بمركز سمالوط محافظة المنيا بان منزل عم سعد كامل شحاتة سيتحول الي كنيسة للقرية تبني تحت ستار الليل وبدأ بعدها التآمر والتخطيط لهدم المنزل المذكور اتجه سعد كامل شحاتة فلاح في العقد السادس من عمره لنقطة الشرطة التي قامت بابلاغ المركز ومكتب مباحث امن الدولة بالمركز

Jordan tourist attacker to hang   

BBC News 

Police arrested the gunman at the scene of the shooting A Jordanian court has sentenced a man to death by hanging for a gun attack that killed a British tourist visiting Amman and injured six other people. Nabil Ahmad Jaoura, a Jordanian of Palestinian origin, is said to have been motivated by anger at Western policies towards Arabs in the region.  

U.S. criticizes as violation of rights Egyptian court decision to ban Bahaiism on identity cards 

The Associated Press 

WASHINGTON: The United States condemned as a violation of fundamental religious rights an Egyptian court's decision to deny members of the Bahai religion the right to have their faith recognized on official identification documents. 

PM calls for alliance over Iran   

 BBC News 

Mr Blair says moderate countries must take on Iran Moderate Muslim states must form an "alliance of moderation" to counter Iran and challenge its influence, UK prime minister Tony Blair has urged. He called on the world to "wake up" to the monumental struggle between the forces of moderation and extremism.  

Wanted man may have fled in veil

 BBC News 

Mustaf Jamma is thought to have returned to Somalia Police seeking a man over the murder of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky are considering the theory he may have fled the UK dressed as a veiled Muslim woman.



Mustaf Jamma is thought to have returned to Somalia

Most Gitmo Detainees Freed Elsewhere 


Four-fifths of ‘vicious killers’ released after return to home countries.The Pentagon called them "among the most dangerous, best-trained, vicious killers on the face of the Earth," sweeping them up after Sept. 11 and hauling them in chains to a U.S. military prison in southeastern Cuba. 

Risk to British lives ended Saudi jet probe

Government told sharing of intelligence on al-Qaeda would be ended  

The Observer  

Saudi Arabia threatened to stop sharing vital intelligence - particularly intercepted communications between al-Qaeda members active there - unless Britain suspended its investigation into a controversial arms deal, The Observer can reveal.

Egyptian court rules against Baha'is, upholding government policy of discrimination  


In a closely watched case that has become the focus of a national debate on religious freedom, Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court today ruled against the right of Baha'is to be properly identified on government documents.  

Egyptian opposition Islamists held for 15 days 

CAIRO (Reuters)  

Egyptian prosecutors have ordered that 140 members of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, including deputy leader Khairat el-Shatir, stay in detention for 15 days for questioning, judicial sources said on Saturday.  

Egypt Releases Name Of American - Grey Warren - Arrested In Terror Investigation

The Egyptian government has released the name of the American - Grey Warren, from Ohio - who was arrested and is being held incommunicado along with a French national in connection with a terror investigation possibly involving the Muslim Brotherhood.

لأول مرة‏..‏ النيابة تتهم الجماعة المحظورة بالإرهاب والعنف


ضبط مليون جنيه داخل منزل وشركة نائب المرشد لتمويل أنشطة الجماعة لأول مرة وجهت نيابة أمن الدولة العليا تهمة الإرهاب واللجوء للعنف لقيادات وعناصر من جماعة الإخوان المحظورة قانونا‏,‏ وكانت أجهزة الأمن قد ألقت القبض عليهم عقب أحداث الأحد الماضي داخل جامعة الأزهر‏,‏ ولجوء طلاب الجماعة المحظورة لاستعراض القوة وفنون القتال وإرهاب الأساتذة والطلاب بارتداء ملابس وأقنعة سوداء‏.‏  


Egyptian police arrest students thought to be part of Islamist group 

Mercury NewspapersBy Miret el Naggar  

CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian security forces stormed the dormitories of the world's most prestigious Islamic university Thursday morning and arrested scores of student activists in a sweeping raid targeting the powerful Muslim Brotherhood.   

Tony Blair Renounces Multiculturalism - Sort Of



 British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared last Friday that “no distinctive culture or religion supercedes our duty to be part of an integrated United Kingdom.” He listed “respect for this country and its shared heritage,” along with “belief in democracy, the rule of law, tolerance, equal treatment for all,” as the things that “we hold in common” and give “us the right to call ourselves British.”

FBI: Jailed cleric's illness triggers al Qaeda attack fears  


The imprisoned blind cleric who inspired the 1993 World Trade Center bombing has been hospitalized, raising fears of new attacks if he dies in U.S. custody, the FBI said in a bulletin. 

Egypt cracks down on Brotherhood   

 BBC News 

The Muslim Brotherhood is the leading opposition group in Egypt One of the top leaders of Egypt's opposition Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, has been detained. Police also rounded up about 10 other prominent members and dozens of students in dawn raids.  

'Sing about Jesus and you'll lose your grant' 

Daily Telegraph 

A toddlers' group has been warned it will lose its funding unless children stop singing songs about Jesus and it removes the word "Christian" from its title. 

A senior official at Haringey council issued the warning in a letter to the group, which was set up four years ago by the Polish community in the north London borough. 


News from the Frontlines of Persecution   

Summary: LOS ANGELES, December 14 (Compass Direct News) – The government of Eritrea wrested financial and personnel control away from the Eritrean Orthodox Church last week, the day after security police jailed nine staff of a Christian aid agency. In an ultimatum delivered to the church’s Asmara headquarters on December 5, the state demanded that all offerings and tithes collected through the Orthodox Church be deposited directly into a government account. Asmara sources also confirmed that on December 4 security officials arrested nine truck drivers working for Samaritan’s Purse, an international aid agency ordered to leave the country last month. Finally, local Christians report that gospel singer Helen Berhane, released in late October after more than two years in jail for refusing to recant her faith, is recuperating at her home in Asmara.

Pastors will keep 'telling truth' on Muslims 

TWO Christian pastors found to have vilified Muslims stood on the steps of the Court of Appeal yesterday after the ruling was overturned and vowed to keep telling "the truth" about Islam.  

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