'Muslim only' pool outrage, UK

The Sun

A COUNCIL has sparked fury by virtually shutting a swimming pool on Sunday afternoons for “Muslim-only” sessions.

All women are banned — and non-Muslim men may swim IF they follow the strict Islamic dress code of swim shorts that hide the navel and extend below the knee.

Blair Says Immigrants to U.K. Have Duty to Integrate 


 Dec. 8 (Bloomberg) 

Prime Minister Tony Blair said immigrants have a duty to integrate into society, his latest attempt to limit divisions between Muslims and other cultures in the U.K.  

``The right to be in a multicultural society was always implicitly balanced by a duty to integrate, to be part of Britain,'' Blair said in a speech in London today.

Islamic Leaders in Malaysia Drop Claim to Ex-Muslim’s Body Bruial



Summary:KUALA LUMPUR, December 8 (Compass Direct News) – Islamic authorities in Malaysia gave up their claim to the body of a Muslim convert yesterday, ending a nine-day dispute with the family. Authorities had planned to give Rayappan Anthony a Muslim burial despite his conversion to Christianity. The 71-year-old Rayappan (his surname, first in order for names in Malaysia), died on November  29


Immigrants must integrate - PM 

 Aol News 

Tony Blair is to make an appeal to local health chiefs to back his NHS reforms.The "duty" of immigrants to integrate must be reasserted in response to recent challenges to British values, the Prime Minister will say. 

Muslims oppose vast mosque plan in London 


Times on line 

Fear that complex would stoke tension. Sect challenged by the moderates


The architect’s vision is of a 21st-century Alhambra, a place for prayer, education, debate and the celebration of Islamic culture.


But the plan to build Europe’s biggest mosque beside the London 2012 Olympic Park is attracting opposition from the Muslim community.    

Egyptian govt 'annoys US' 


Washington - The state department expressed annoyance on Tuesday with the Egyptian government for refusing to grant timely access for the United States consular officials to an American being held for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks.  

Two Egyptian inhabitants arrested for suspected terrorist links         

People’s Daily 

The Egyptian authorities have arrested two inhabitants in Egypt's new industrial community Sadat City for suspected role in a terrorist organization, reported Egyptian news agency MENA on Wednesday.  

Mounir Ahmed Mabrouk and Mohammed Fahim Tahoun at Sadat city, 90 km northwest of Cairo, were arrested Saturday and are now being questioned at the Supreme State Security Prosecution , Egyptian Assistant Minister of Interior Major General Ahmed Dia-Eddin told a meeting of Egyptian Parliament's National Security and Defense Committee.  On Monday.

French, US, Belgian amonge arrested foreigners  Egypt says

egypt security forceCAIRO (AFP) – 

A group of foreigners arrested in Egypt included French, US, Belgian, Syrian and Tunisian nationals with links to terror groups who were recruiting Islamists for "jihad" in Iraq, the authorities have said.  

Egyptian police arrest foreigners for allegedly plotting terror attacks

 (Cairo, Egypt-AP) December 4, 2006 –  

The State Department says US officials are "seeking consular access" to an American who was arrested in Egypt about a week ago. 

Egypt Monday announced that it had arrested an American, 11 Europeans and several others from Arab countries for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks.

Imams disputes tie to Hamas 

Wahington Times 

Mr. Shahin is the spokesman for the imams who attended his federation's conference last week in Minnesota and were evicted from US Airways Flight 300 because of suspicious behavior.

The imams dispute the account of seven witnesses, including two law-enforcement


البابا يطلب من قادة العالم احترام الحرية الدينية


Pope Benedict 


No hate crime for suspect accused of beating Egyptian-born Detroiter 


DETROIT -- A 19-year-old Detroit man was charged today with two felonies in an alleged attack that an Islamic civil rights group called a hate crime. 

How the Egyptian imams terrorized an airliner 

Front Page Magazine 

“I never felt bad in my life like that. I never. Six imams. Six leaders in this country. Six scholars in handcuffs. It’s terrible.”  

Muslim jailed for killing British queen's swan to break Ramadan fast 

Middle East Times  

LONDON --  A Muslim man who was so hungry while fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan that he killed a swan to eat was jailed for two months at a court in Britain Wednesday.  


Thousands denounce papal visit to Turkey


Yahoo News 

Tens of thousands of protesters denounced Pope Benedict XVI as an enemy of Islam at a rally that highlighted the deep strains in Turkey before hosting the pontiff this week.

BA to review uniform policy after outcry over crucifix  

The Telegraph 

London: British Airways paved the way on Friday for a climbdown over its refusal to allow a Christian worker to wear a crucifix over her uniform.

Al Azhar rejects Egyptian minister’s veil comments

 Source AFP  

CAIRO • Al Azhar University, the preeminent academic institution in the Sunni Muslim world, repudiated Egypt’s culture minister yesterday for objecting to the growing practice of women wearing the veil.

School sacks woman after veil row   

 BBC News 

Ms Azmi's lawyers said they were unaware of the decision to sack her A Muslim classroom assistant suspended by a school for wearing a veil in lessons has been sacked.




BA uniform review after cross row   

 BBC News 

Nadia Eweida said she had been "overwhelmed" by public support

British Airways is to review its policy on uniforms in the wake of a row over a worker ordered to stop wearing a cross.


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