Muslims fear backlash from Fort Dix attack plot 


FORT DIX, N.J. -- Authorities' description of six suspects charged with plotting an attack on Fort Dix as "Islamic militants" is causing renewed worry among New Jersey's Muslim community.  

Man attacked for not praying: police say in Toronto 


A man who attacked another man in a downtown Toronto mosque before attempting to kill himself did so because the victim had refused to pray with him, police said yesterday.  

Egyptian court rejects decision to try MB members before military tribunal  

The Associated Press  

An Egyptian court decided in a rare ruling Tuesday that President Hosni Mubarak's order to try 40 of the banned opposition Muslim Brotherhood's top figures before a military court was not valid. 

West should not fear facing radical Islam: Blair  

The Peninsula 

BERLIN • British Prime Minister Tony Blair says a decade in office has taught him that the West should not be afraid of standing by its values in facing up to radical Islam.  

“The West must show that it believes in its own values,” Blair told journalists from several European newspapers, including yesterday’s edition of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung of Germany, as he prepares to announce his departure from Downing Street.  “We must show the Muslim world that we let our values apply to everyone.

Muslims Stage Demo Outside Police Station in UK 

Life Style Extra  

Islamic supporters of six Muslims arrested in London earlier this week today staged a rowdy demonstration outside the top security police station where they are being held. 


Egyptian security arrest a dozen Brotherhood members, including two lawmakers 

The Associated  

CAIRO, Egypt: Police on Sunday arrested at least a dozen members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group, including two lawmakers, as part of Egypt's ongoing campaign against the country's strongest opposition group, the government and the group reported. 

Florida doctor accused of being al-Qaeda volunteer 


A Florida doctor accused of swearing allegiance to al Qaeda and agreeing to treat wounded militants has been unfairly ensnared in the scheme of a longtime friend, a defense lawyer argued on Wednesday.   



Cairo, 26 April (AKI) - The ten Egyptian Coptic Christians, who after having converted to Islam decided to return to their original faith, will remain Muslims at least on paper for the rest of their lives. A Cairo court has ruled that the ministry of the interior is not obliged to issue them new identity documents. The question of religious belief in Egypt often presents itself as an adminsitrative rather than a spiritual issue given that every Egyptian has an ID card which states his or her religion.  

Egyptian students excel in Cambridge Exams outperforming students across the globe 


University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the world's largest provider of international qualifications for 14 to 19 year olds, recently held a forum in Cairo for the principals of national and international schools in Egypt that offer Cambridge IGCSE.  

'Egyptian sex god' alibi yet to convince jury 

AN alleged child rapist who claimed to be possessed by an ancient Egyptian sex god will face a retrial after a jury was unable to reach a verdict this week. 

Italy asks Muslim groups to join 'values charter' 


ROME --  Italy's interior ministry has published a "values charter" for religious minorities that promotes integration while shunning polygamy and the wearing of face-concealing veils.  

Guilty Bible Reader rapist's sick ploy 

Daily Telegraph 

 THE man found guilty of raping a woman as punishment for reading the Bible lured her to his unit by claiming he had news of her family overseas. 

In a case that has stunned Sydney, Muslim Abdul Reda al-Shawany was today found guilty of sexually assaulting the then-Muslim mother of four - a refugee from the Middle East who had left her children and husband behind - for her "insult" to Islam. 

The child slaves of Saudi Arabia   

 BBC News 

Ali was beaten up for initially refusing to beg  On the wealthy streets of Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, thousands of young child-beggars, under the auspices of ruthless gangmasters, are simply trying to survive.

Muslims in UK tracked with cameras 


High-tech CCTV units keep eye on activity in Islamic neighborhoods The following report is excerpted from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, the premium online newsletter published by the founder of WND.   

Proposed Arabic NYC public school causes stir   

Associated Press  

NEW YORK - This city has dozens of small public schools that focus on themes — sports careers, the arts and social justice. Few generate controversy.  

French far-right groups block Great Mosque plans 

Middle East Times 

MARSEILLE, France --  A French court Tuesday ordered construction work on a mosque in the Mediterranean port of Marseille to be suspended in response to legal action by far-right groups.  

Slain evangelists were tortured, says Turkish doctor 


MALATYA, Turkey --  Three Protestants murdered at a Christian publishing house in Malatya, Turkey, were tortured for three hours before their assailants slit their throats, a press report said Friday, quoting one of the doctors involved in the grisly case.  

Ahmadinejad says his letter to President Bush was invitation to Islam
Jakarta, May 11, IRNA

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Thursday that his letter to President George W. Bush did not concern the nuclear dossier, but rather was an invitation to Islam and the prophets culture.

Saudi Arabia sentences Egyptian to death for desecrating Koran   


An Egyptian living in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death for desecrating the Koran and renouncing Islam. 

Egyptian expert charged with spying  

Press TV 

Egyptian authorities said they have arrested an Egyptian engineer from the country's nuclear energy agency on charges of spying for Israel.  

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