2 Egyptian Copt Christians Accused of Evangelism “crime” ,BBC LINK

This is from BBCArabic, I couldn’t find it in English, it would save me time, but it seems BBC English do not like westerners to know what they should know. 

Rough translation: 

An Egyptian security official said that two Copts activists arrested in the egyptian Captial, Cairo.

The official, who declined to give his name because he is unauthorized to speak to the media, explained that security foces broke into house of Adil Fawzy and Peter Ezet in Cairo and confiscated documents and computers.

Noteworthy that Fawzy and Ezet are the establishers of a branch in Egypt for the Mideast Christians Organization which headquartered in Canada.

Their attorney, Mamdoh Nakhleh, said that one of them is journalist and the other is photographer for the organization that is headquartered in Canada.

He added to the Associated Press : “No charges has been made against them up to now.”

A press release issued by Mideast Christians Orgination on  their website saying that the security foces broke into the house ….  and that all other members of the organization are targetted and they are in hiding at the current time.

The press release said that it is expected they will be accused of Evangelism which is illegal according to the Egyptian law.

[Link: BBCArabic]