Sample letter to MPs following Foreign Office considering Egypt as a country of concern 

As your Excellency knows that Egypt is fighting terrorism on its land and the Middle East region which needs all to cooperate to defeat the threat of danger of "sliding into failure state as in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen."

Egypt has been fighting an insurgency by militants based in the Sinai as well as all over Egypt, who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, and militants have carried out bombings and shootings against police officers and troops in Cairo and other cities, they assassinated the persecutor general and several senior police officers since 2013.

Security forces have cracked down hard on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists. Hundreds of Islamists have been killed and thousands arrested, and Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders have had death sentences issued against them in multiple trials. The trials and the crackdown have brought heavy criticism from human rights groups. El-Sissi's government contends the Brotherhood is complicit in violence, a claim the group denies, saying authorities want to crush them as a political opposition.

The problem with the Muslim Brotherhood is not a problem between the government of Egypt and these people. The real problem is between the Egyptian people and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has given "a very bad impression" and Egyptians "are not able to forgive and forget."

The Egyptian military, "has always been a factor for stability ( remembering that El-Sissie came to power following a massive and overwhelming popular demand ion 30/6/13) and should be strengthened because it faces "a ferocious war against terrorism and extremism ... Increasing the military capability of the Egyptian military means that it can strike a strategic balance" for the region.

This duty is recognized as part of States’ obligations to ensure respect for the right to life and the right to security as it is declared in the International and regional human rights law makes clear that States have both a right and a duty to protect individuals under their jurisdiction from terrorist attacks.

 In order to fulfil their obligations under human rights law to protect the life and security of individuals under their jurisdiction, States should also have the right and duty to take effective counter-terrorism measures, to prevent and deter future terrorist attacks and to prosecute those that are responsible for carrying out such acts. At the same time, the countering of terrorism poses grave challenges to the protection and promotion of human rights. As part of States’ duty to protect individuals within their jurisdiction, all measures taken to combat terrorism must also comply with States’ obligations under international law, in particular international human rights, refugee and humanitarian law.

Now the security in Egypt is much better, we do not see attacks on churches and church burning as happened in Morsi time, the steps towards democracy is going well, a constitution and a functioning Nations Council, 

As a matter of fact United Kingdom should have good amount of understanding and cooperation to Egypt as the leader in the region and the heart of the Middle East countries.

Yours Sincerely