Shadia imprisoned 3 years for not converting to Islam   Full Story


In A surprise verdict, Shobra Criminal court in Egypt sentenced Shadia Nagi Ibrahim Elsisi 47 y yesterday 21 November 2007 to 3 years imprisonment for forgery “she did not commit” and for not following her father’s conversion to Islam. Father deserted home and converted to Islam in 1962, father returned to his family and Christianity, changed his document to appear as Christian a few years later, family lived a normal Christian life and all the children grew you at home as Christians believers, attending churchs and conducting their lives in the normal Christian manner.

This section will start from today 5/11/2007 to enlist problems and hardships Copts encounter in Egypt because of their religion. It compliments List of Atrocities.

A Christian woman in prison since 26/8/2007 because her father's conversion when she was 3 years old. 

Shadia and Bahia Nagy Ibrahim, both Christians aged 48y and 46 y old, Shadia in Banha prison since 26/8/2007 for a crime she never committed Bahia is on the run to be arrested for a crime she never committed too. 

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