Egyptian national with Sudanese passport builds unmanned drone designed to carry 600 pounds of explosives -- FBI says no terrorism 

Unmanned Drone On L.I. Sparks Terror Investigation

An unmanned drone being built by an engineer on Long Island sparked a large counter-terrorism investigation across the New York area, officials tell Police said they had stumbled upon overnight testing of the drone at a little-used airstrip in Calverton, Long Island.

“Hadith of Hate” Banned at USC 

By Reut R. Cohen

As Muslim Student Association (MSA) chapters have become increasingly influential at universities and colleges around the country, critics have charged that it is a hate group that sympathizes with the international jihad and promulgates an anti-American and anti-Semitic ideology in its campus actions.

Malaysian Court Denies Woman’s Appeal to Leave Islam

Muslim protestors disrupt public forum on dual legal system’s jurisdictional disputes.

By Jasmine Kay

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, August 15 (Compass Direct News) – A civil court on Aug. 5 denied a woman’s appeal to renounce Islam in favor of Christianity, highlighting the jurisdictional disputes in Malaysia’s dual legal system.

Egypt bans coverage of singer's Suzanne Tamim murder

Associated Press 

CAIRO–Egypt has banned news coverage of the brutal slaying of a Lebanese pop star while media reports in other regional papers are reporting a wealthy Egyptian entrepreneur ordered three men to carry out the killing.

Al-Qa'eda in Iraq alienated by cucumber laws and brutality

Al-Qa'eda is losing support in Iraq because of a brutal crackdown on activities it regards as un-Islamic - including women buying cucumbers.  


An Iraqi woman buys some food at a market in Baghdad

An Iraqi woman buys some food at a market in Baghdad Photo: EPA

CNN Avoids Mentioning Islam in Segment on 'Honor Killings'

News Buster 

Quite a feat: CNN has pulled off the MSM equivalent of describing a spiral staircase without using one's hands.  It has managed to produce a segment on "honor killings" and related violence in the UK . . . without using the word "Muslim" or "Islam."

UK: Sharia-compliant MasterCard launch

The UK's first sharia-compliant prepaid MasterCard has been launched in London - dubbed the "Islamic financial centre of Europe".

Muslim scholar's novel angers Coptic Church

 Gulf News  

Cairo: Tensions between Egypt's Muslims and Coptic Christians are not uncommon. The latest spark is ignited by a book, which Coptic critics accuse of trying to insult the Church and calling into question the tenets of Christianity.


Another Convert in Egypt Tries to Change Religious ID

تغيير الديانة يثير الفتن الطائفية بمصرOnly second case of Muslim-born Egyptian endeavoring to officially alter affiliation.By Damaris Kremida

ISTANBUL, August 7 (Compass Direct News) – One year after the first attempt by an Egyptian Muslim convert to Christianity to change his religious identity, another convert this week became the second to make such a controversial legal request.



CHAUDHRY RASHID<BR>Strangled daughter: cops.New York Post 

A Muslim father accused of murdering his daughter in a so-called "honor killing" told cops God would look out for him, as he confessed to the grisly strangulation, authorities said yesterday.

"God will protect me. God is watching," Pakistani immigrant Chaudhry Rashid allegedly confessed to cops. "I strangled my daughter."

For comments on Al-Azhar book which sanctions killing of off springs link 

Military Jury Convicts Bin Laden's Driver on Some Charges in Guantanamo Terror Case

Fox News 

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba —  A jury of six military officers convicted Usama bin Laden's former driver of supporting terrorism Wednesday in the first war crimes trial at Guantanamo Bay, but cleared him of conspiracy charges.

Saudi arrested for having six wives


Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a man working for the country's vice squad who is accused of having six wives, two more than allowed under Islamic law.

Saudi Arabia: Academic gets 600 lashes for 'phone relationship' with female pupil

Riad, 30 July (AKI) -

 A Saudi court has sentenced a chemistry professor to 600 lashes and 8 months in jail for a 'telephone relationship' with a female student.

Fears of Sectarian Strife Following Gang Rape in Egypt

The Media Line 

Egyptian security forces are again on alert, fearing another spread of sectarian strife between Copts (Egyptian Christians) and Muslims.

Ayman Nour, not among prisoners pardoned by President Mubarak, declares hunger strike 

July 23, 2008

The Leadership Council for Human Rights (LCHR) received a message and press release from Gameela Ismail, wife of political prisoner Ayman Nour, today.  LCHR remains gravely concerned about Nour’s health and is deeply disappointed by the decision not to release him.  Both the message and press release are printed in their entirety below.  They can also be accessed on LCHR’s website, by clicking here. 

Government drops plan to allow Muslim schools to police themselves


Government plans to give Muslim schools the chance to police themselves have effectively been dropped.  

Under proposals unveiled earlier this year private Muslim schools were to be given the chance to carry out their own Ofsted-style inspections.

UK court to rule on Islamic law case


Britain's highest appeals court is scheduled to decide this week whether a divorced woman and her son should be deported to Lebanon, where she claims her abusive husband will gain custody under Sharia law.

Citizenship class for young Muslims


Hazel Blear, new lessons will

begin in September
Press Association

Young Muslims will be taught citizenship in mosque schools as part of a bid to prevent them being turned into extremists, the Government said.

Trials of the new lessons will begin in several cities at the start of the new term in September, said Communities Secretary Hazel Blears.

BBC Bonekickers drama blasted for showing images of a Muslim being beheaded


 The BBC drama Bonekickers has upset many viewers after showing a mulim beheaded by an extremist Christian
 The BBC drama Bonekickers has upset many viewers after showing a Muslim beheaded by an extremist Christian

Daily Mail 

A BBC drama has triggered a barrage of complaints after it showed gruesome images of a Muslim being beheaded.


Condition and whereabouts of two sisters, 12 and 10, unknown.

A Christian father in Pakistan is in a legal battle with kidnappers for the custody of his pre-teen daughters, who allegedly have been forced to convert to Islam.

Yesterday a judge in Pakistan’s Punjab province ordered further investigation into the kidnapping of Saba Younis, 12, and Aneela Younis, 10, who went missing on June 26 in the small town of Chowk Munda.

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