Bush likens war against Islamic extremism to fight against fascism

US President George W. Bush, seen here on May 27, 2008, on Wednesday likened America's efforts to quell Islamic extremism in Iraq and Afghanistan to the US fight against fascism during World War II.(AFP/File/Yuri Gripas)AFP  

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (AFP) - US President George W. Bush on Wednesday likened America's efforts to quell Islamic extremism in Iraq and Afghanistan to the US fight against fascism during World War II.

Church of England: UK will be "Islamic nation" in 2038 

Religious trends and our religious future

Church of England News  

If recent reports of trends in religious observance prove to be correct, then in some 30 years the mosque will be able to claim that, religiously speaking, the UK is an Islamic nation, and therefore needs a share in any religious establishment to reflect this. The progress of conservative Islam in the UK has been amazing, and it has come at a time of prolonged decline in church attendance that seems likely to continue.


Six churches gutted after recovery of Christians teenagers from Muslim kidnappers.

Deeper Life Bible Church

Remains of Deeper Life Bible Church

NINGI, Nigeria, May 19 (Compass Direct News) – Islamists under the auspices of a paramilitary force last week destroyed six churches to protest a police rescue of two teenage Christian girls kidnapped by Muslims in this Bauchi state town.

Iranian Police Arrest 12 Christian Converts

Four still imprisoned in crackdown in Shiraz.


Campus Direct


By Barbara G. Baker

Police in the southern Iran city of Shiraz this month cracked down against known Muslim converts to Christianity, arresting members of three Christian families and confiscating their books and computers. 

The arrests began at 5 a.m. on May 11, when two couples were taken into custody before boarding their flights at the Shiraz International Airport and sent directly to jail. All four were subjected to hours of interrogation, questioning them solely “just about their faith and house church activities,” an Iranian source told Compass.

UK: Man remanded after 'urine' attack 

BBC News 

A man has been remanded in custody charged with spraying urine at two supermarkets, a pub and a book shop. Sahnoun Daifallah, 42, of Bibury Road, from Gloucester, appeared before magistrates and pleaded not guilty to four charges of contaminating products.

Brooklyn: Suit Accuses Ex-Principal Debbi Almontaser of Defamation

Three opponents of a Brooklyn public school that teaches Arabic filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the school’s founding principal, Debbie Almontaser, claiming that she had defamed them by saying they had stalked her.


Police rescue Christian from angry mob.

ISTANBUL, May 16 (Compass Direct News) – Pakistani police have jailed a Christian doctor after “blasphemy” charges incited a mob attack on his home last week in Punjab province. Officials said Dr. Robin Sardar is being held in Punjab’s Gujranwala Central Jail, and his wife and six children have left their home in the town of Chak Chatta, 200 miles southeast of Islamabad.

Belgian Police Protection for “Mohammed Pulpit”

Brussels Journal 

Belgian police is protecting a 17th century pulpit in the Flemish town of Dendermonde. The pulpit in the Catholic church of Our Lady dates from 1685, two years after the battle of Vienna when the Christian armies of the Polish King John III Sobieski defeated the Turks poised to overrun Europe. The sculpted wooden pulpit, made by Mattheus van Beveren, depicts a man subdued by angels and represents the triumph of Christianity over Islam. The man is generally thought to be Mohammed. He is holding a book which is generally assumed to be the Koran.

Taliban Ban TV In Afghan Province

University student leaves school after Radical Muslim threatens his service dog


Times photo by Jason Wachter, jwachter@stcloudtimes.com
St. Cloud State student Tyler Hurd, 23, with his service dog, Emmitt, who protects him when he has seizures.

A St. Cloud State University student in a teacher-training program at Technical High School left the school in late April because he says he feared for the safety of his service dog.

Apostacy Penalty "death" will Obama incure it?

President Apostate?

New York Times "Opinion"  

BARACK OBAMA has emerged as a classic example of charismatic leadership — a figure upon whom others project their own hopes and desires. The resulting emotional intensity adds greatly to the more conventional strengths of the well-organized Obama campaign, and it has certainly sufficed to overcome the formidable initial advantages of Senator Hillary Clinton.


Police pressure convert to return to Islam during ‘illegal’ five-day detention.

ALGIERS, Algeria, May 9 (Compass Direct News) – An Algerian Christian detained five days for carrying a Bible and personal Bible study books was handed a 300-euro (US$460) fine and a one-year suspended prison sentence last week, an Algerian church leader said.

Mock attack on the fake mosque in Illinois sends a wrong message

 by Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Six years and eight months after the 9/11 tragic attacks, Muslims in America remain at the receiving end with the reconfiguration of American laws, policies and priorities to target them. The latest assault on the Muslim community comes in the form of a simulated attack on a fake "mosque" by the law enforcement authorities in Illinois.

Fatwah against sniffer dogs

Fatwah against sniffer dogsReligious Intelligence

By: George Conger.

A prominent Muslim cleric has issued a fatwah against the use of sniffer dogs by police in Pakistan. Evidence gathered by the police using the olfactory skills of dogs was “haram”, or forbidden under Sharia law, ruled Maulana Abdul Hakim Haqqani, president of the Darul Uloom Islami Jamhuria seminary in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province.

German Court Rules Muslim Girl Can't Skip Swimming Lessons, Family will appeal.

Fox News 

A German court on Wednesday ruled that a Muslim student cannot skip co-ed swimming lessons because her religion prohibits form-fitting clothes that do not cover her body, The Local reported.

U.K.: Amid concerns over funding of Islamic studies programs

Saudi prince gives universities £16m for study of Islam

The Independant 

Two of the country's best known universities are to set up research centres aimed at promoting a better understanding of Islam.

Cambridge and Edinburgh universities will share a £16m endowment from Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Abdulaziz al-Saud, a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family and chairman of the Kingdom Foundation – a charitable and philanthropic foundation set up to alleviate suffering around the world.

Kuwait envoy's son behind Jewish abduction

Alarabia, DUBAI (Agencies)

The son of the Kuwaiti ambassador has been charged with briefly abducting three Jewish teenagers at a hotel and claiming he had a bomb, press reports said Tuesday.

California: Muslim polygamist goes on trial for imprisoning, abusing 3 wives and 19 children

Sandiego News 

MURRIETA – A man starved the 19 children under his roof, beat some of them and their mothers and made the youngsters and two of his three so-called wives virtual prisoners in their own home, a prosecutor told jurors Monday as the defendant's long-delayed trial got under way

Osama Bin Laden’s son Omar Ossama is banned from Britain

Omar Bin LadenTimes on line 

The son of Osama bin Laden has been banned from entering Britain to live with his new wife because of fears that his presence would cause “considerable public concern”.

New Muslim think-tank aims to challenge extremist ideology

ekklesia staff writers

A new Muslim think-tank, which aims to bring together voices who oppose violence and extremism, and who want to explore Islam in a modern European setting, was launched at the British Museum yesterday.

Author Ed Husain, who charted his own journey away from what he calls "a dark place" in his controversial book 'The Islamist' is a prime mover in the venture, along with Essex-born Maajid Nawaz.

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