Religious Tension Imperils Egypt's Unity

Middle East Times 

Violence has erupted in recent weeks between Christians and Muslims in various parts of Egypt, bringing to the forefront an age-old problem in a country considered a leading U.S. ally in the Middle East and where a more moderate – and tolerant – form of Islam is practiced.




Mujahideen Monitor U.S. Economy, Attempt to Undermine Dollar

Numerous postings on Islamist websites in the past two years reflect the mujahideen's growing interest in the state of the reflect the mujahideen's growing interest in the state of the U.S. economy. As was argued in a 2007 MEMRI analysis, [1] many of the jihadists and their supporters have come to view their struggle against the U.S. and the West as an economic war.

The implications of sharia finance in the UK

Melanie Phillips 

The huge spread of sharia finance should cause us the greatest possible
concern. It is seen as relatively untroublesome way of reaching out to
Muslims while making some people a very great deal of money. So
everyone is happy? This couldn’t be further from truth. It fails to
understand that this country doesn’t just face Islamic terrorism but an
attempt to colonise Britain for Islam through the spread of sharia and
the most extreme interpretation of Islam.

USA: You can't have religion in public schools, unless it's Islam 

Islam in America's public schools: Education or indoctrination?

San Francisco Chronicle 

With fatal terrorist attacks on the decline worldwide and al Qaeda apparently in disarray, it would seem a time for optimism in the global war on terrorism. But the war has simply shifted to a different arena. Islamists, or those who believe that Islam is a political and religious system that must dominate all others, are focusing less on the military and more on the ideological. It turns out that Western liberal democracies can be subverted without firing a shot.

The Monastery of Abu Fana

Rasha Noor

On May 31, 2008, the monastery of Abu Fana, the oldest of the world, had been attacked by the Bedouins of the area. Located in al-Menya, a small village in Upper Egypt, the monastery has a piece of land, a few acres in total that has been turned into fields of crops planted and taken care of by the monks. Built in the 4th century (A.D.), the monastery, it is told, had gone under attack numerous times, with this recent attack being exceedingly worse.

The Rebellion Within

An Al Qaeda mastermind questions terrorism.

by Lawrence Wright June 2, 2008

Dr. Fadl had laid the intellectual foundation for Al Qaeda’s murderous acts. His defection posed a terrible threat.

Dr. Fadl had laid the intellectual foundation for Al Qaeda’s murderous acts. His defection posed a terrible threat.

Last May, a fax arrived at the London office of the Arabic newspaper Asharq Al Awsat from a shadowy figure in the radical Islamist movement who went by many names.

Mail Online

Bishop says collapse of Christianity is wrecking British society - and Islam is filling the void

By Sean Poulter and Niall Firth

Michael Nazir-AliThe collapse of Christianity has wrecked British society, a leading Church of England bishop declared yesterday.

 It has destroyed family life and left the country defenceless against the rise of radical Islam in a moral and spiritual vacuum.

Kafir Dreams  



Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Bill Warner, the director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) and spokesman for

FP: Bill Warner, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Warner: Thank you Jamie.

Censorship and social realism at the Cairo Book Fair

By Ingrid Wassmann

May, 2008.  The once bustling Nasr City Fair Grounds now stand empty.  The hundreds of participating publishers have packed up, the exhibition stands dismantled and the thousands of visitors, scholars, students and families gone home with their new books. 

Saudis hold "women in the workplace" forum -- with no women present

Scholar lifts veil on sharia

When clerics, ministers and businessmen gathered at a forum in Riyadh in April to discuss women in the workplace, there were no women in sight.

Typically for Saudi Arabia, the women who took part were seated in a separate room so the men could only hear them.

Such things are part and parcel of the complex system of social control maintained by clerics of Saudi Arabia's austere version of Sunni Islamic law,

History textbooks promoting Islam
New report says Muslim activists 'succeeding' in expunging criticism

By Bob Unruh

History textbooks being used by hundreds of thousands of public school students across the U.S. are blatantly promoting Islam, according to a new report by an independent organization that researches and reviews textbooks.

Egyptian life

An unorthodox insight

THIS account of life in Cairo is sex and the city with a difference. Young Cairene women are as elegant and as sex-obsessed as their New York counterparts but their every action is monitored by bullying, protective brothers and nosy doormen. A circle of sisters, friends and neighbours meet each evening at Roda's apartment to play tarneeb (a simplified form of bridge) and to chew over their frustrations with love, work and families. When tiresome menfolk call them on their mobiles, the lies come tripping.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Out of Power—For Now


 An Egyptian votes at the municipal elections


Despite its sitting out the latest elections, the Muslim Brotherhood is still the rising power in Egypt. By Richard Palmer

By Richard Palmer

President Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party won a landslide victory this week in the Egyptian parliamentary elections.

A Democratic Islam?

by Daniel Pipes

There's an impression that Muslims suffer disproportionately from the rule of dictators, tyrants, unelected presidents, kings, emirs, and various other strongmen – and it's accurate. A careful analysis by Frederic L. Pryor of Swarthmore College in the Middle East Quarterly ("Are Muslim Countries Less Democratic?") concludes that "In all but the poorest countries, Islam is associated with fewer political rights."

Welcome to ‘Lawfare’ - A New Type of Jihad

Family Security Matters

Brooke Goldstein 

The Islamist movement has two wings – one violent and one lawful, which can operate apart but often reinforce each other. While the violent arm attempts to silence speech by burning cars when cartoons of Mohammed are published in Denmark, the lawful arm is skillfully maneuvering within Western legal systems, both here and abroad.

bmjRadical Muslim doctors and what they mean for the NHS

Irfan Al-Alawi, international director (London)1, Stephen Schwartz, executive director (Washington, DC), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1 Centre for Islamic Pluralism

The disclosure that the leading alleged conspirators in last year's bombing attempts in London and Glasgow were Muslim doctors sent a shockwave through the worldwide non-Muslim public. The same question was asked everywhere: how can those who are trained to heal turn to terrorism?

Radical Islam and Our Cultural Suicide

By Kathy Shaidle

By Kathy Shaidle
FrontPageMagazine Our society’s impulse towards suicide continues unabated, as those on the side of Western civilization are the ones continuously being silenced, while homegrown jihadists express their venom with increasing impunity.



Jihad with money

Alex Alexiev on National Review Online sets out the reasons why sharia finance — described by Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi as ‘jihad with money’ — is a serious threat to the west:

The legitimization of sharia in the West and its gradual imposition in Muslim communities and beyond is a key objective of sharia finance, and there is no doubt it has already made huge strides. …  

Islam Item  

‘When will Islamic extremism be stopped?’  

by Henry Lamb 

When Hitler set out to conquer the world, it was American blood, treasure, and determination that stopped him.  When the Soviet Union set out to subject the world to communism, it was American blood, treasure, and determination that stopped it.  If the Muslim extremists’ quest to subject the world to radical Islam is to be stopped, it will, once again, take American blood, treasure, and determination.

London Imam's Attempt to Carry Out Sunna Gone Awry

Islam Watch 

The article represents the views of the writer

During a question answer session in East London Mosque, preacher Imam Abdul Makin was asked by a niqabi muslima about recent fatwa from a well known Imam .


Naqabi Woman: “One eyed hooked Imam Hamza Mesri said muslims can kill British infidels and have sex with their wives and daughters, Do you agree with him?”

Imam: “It is not what Imam Hamza said nor is there a question of my agreeing with him or not. It is in Quran thus those are Allah’s orders.”

N.W.:  “But why would Allah tell muslims to kill and rape innocent non muslims?”

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