Is 'Eurabia' in our future?

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 "Peace in our time." Neville Chamberlain's umbrella. The British prime minister's appeasement of evil at Munich in 1938. It all came rushing back this past week, but before Iran and Great Britain worked up the return of British sailors and marines taken hostage and humiliated by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government. No, the appeasement in the service of peaceful relations is happening on the home front in Great Britain.

US Needs New Approach in Dealing with Saudis, Says Lee Hamilton '52

lee hamilton color.jpgApril 10, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - "At a time when America's standing in the Middle East is shaken, it is not surprising that the Saudis are defining their interests as they see them, not as we do," writes Lee Hamilton in the Indianapolis Star.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Holland

By Lorenzo Vidino

Over the last few weeks Dutch media have published information gleaned from Dutch intelligence files regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. One report indicated that Samir Azzouz and Noureddine el Fatmi, two top members of the Hofstad group (and, later, of the so-called “Piranha network”) had had close financial dealings with members of the Brotherhood based in the Netherlands. Another indicated that the Brotherhood, through the European Trust (its powerful financial arm in Europe), controlled two of the country’s largest mosques.
The War You're Not Reading About
By John McCain
Sunday, April 8, 2007


I just returned from my fifth visit to Iraq since 2003 -- and my first since Gen. David Petraeus's new strategy has started taking effect. For the first time, our delegation was able to drive, not use helicopters, from the airport to downtown Baghdad.

Without a Trace

 A report that Iran may have been involved in the 2005 kidnapping and murder of Egypt’s top diplomat in Iraq has raised fresh questions about his disappearance. It has also given new energy to his daughter’s quest to keep her father’s memory alive
By  Manal el-Jesri

Sadly, mainstream Muslim teaching accepts and promotes violence.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT

Not many years ago the brilliant Orientalist, Bernard Lewis, published a short history of the Islamic world's decline, entitled "What Went Wrong?" Astonishingly, there was, among many Western "progressives," a vocal dislike for the title. It is a false premise, these critics protested. They ignored Mr. Lewis's implicit statement that things have been, or could be, right.

Egypt is a real problem for Bush

Chicago Defender 

Egypt, much like Pakistan, is becoming a real problem for the Bush administration. Despite the rhetoric concerning spreading democracy in the Middle East'one of the alleged justifications for the illegal invasion of Iraq'the Bush administration has been more than content to support dictatorships that serve its objectives.

Terrorists – coming to a school near you
Police ill-equipped to defend against an American Beslan

Authorities fear the school massacre that shook Russia a few years ago may be a dress rehearsal for what al-Qaida plans to do in America – only on a grander scale, launching multiple school attacks simultaneously across the country.

We must not let this ancient Church slide into oblivion  

Catholic Herald 

Iraq’s Assyrian Christians face extinction four years after the toppling of Saddam, says Ed West 

“When they cook a dish in the Middle East, it is traditional to put the meat on top of the rice when they serve it. They kidnapped a woman’s baby in Baghdad, a toddler, and because the mother was unable to pay the ransom, they returned her child  – beheaded, roasted and served on a mound of rice.”

Egyptian activist slams religious oppression



Her warm smile, white-haired ponytail and gentle demeanor make Egyptian novelist Nawal El Saadawi seem more like a grandma than a condemned political activist. 

Until she speaks -- and she's not afraid to speak. At least not when talking about oppression to a crowd at University of Michigan-Flint on Friday in a discussion that included her views on why she's a notorious thorn in the side of religious fundamentalists. 

Squinting at Extremists

"It’s clear that what Ramadan wants isn’t a modernised, secular Islam, but an Islamised modernity"


“Those willing to trawl through Ramadan’s written and recorded output will find no shortage of material calling into question his supposedly liberal intent. It’s clear that what Ramadan wants isn’t a modernised, secular Islam, but an Islamised modernity.”


By Valentina Colombo  

Liberals, of Arab and/or Muslim background, living either in the West or in the Arab Muslim world, please… wake up! 

I do know you are there, I do read your articles, I do appreciate your ideas, your love and respect for freedom and life, but I feel really disappointed and embarrassed each time I am asked: “Where are they?”, “Don’t you think they are not organised?”, “Why do they hide?”   

The Brotherhood and America Part Six

Washington D. C., Asharq Al-Awsat- "Fear" is a key word when considering the future of the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the US. This multifaceted fear can be explained for a number of reasons.

The Brotherhood and America Part Five

 Washington D.C., Asharq Al-Awsat- The American invasion of Iraq led to a significant deterioration in the relationship between the United States and the Muslim Brotherhood organizations.

The Brotherhood and America Part Four

Washington D. C., Asharq Al-Awsat- There are at least two levels of relations between the various Islamic organizations in the region; the first is on the level of ‘coordination of ideologies and positions’, which is prevalent and the information about it readily available to a large extent, and the second is the ‘coordination on an organizational, operational and financial’ level.

The Brotherhood and America Part Three

Washington, D.C., Asharq Al-Awsat- Reports on the international Muslim Brotherhood movement are few and far between and information on the movement is even scarcer. A number of leading figures within the movement in the region, who spoke to Asharq Al Awsat, asserted that they know little about the Muslim Brotherhood as an international movement.

The Brotherhood and America Part Two

Washington D.C, Asharq Al-Awsat- Despite what may be considered a ‘stalling’ in the interactive activities between the Americans and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members in the region by virtue of the Iraqi war (2003), there still remain talks between America and the Brotherhood in various capitals whenever the need arises or interests dictate.

The Brotherhood and America Part One

Washington, D.C., Asharq Al-Awsat- There are three major events that have shaped the Western world’s knowledge of political Islam; namely, the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the 1981 assassination of the late Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat and the 9/11 attacks.

Blood In, Blood Out: Why Egyptian Blogger's Dad Wants Him Dead

By Sara Ghorab (02/23/07)   

If you have been following the saga of the Egyptian Blogger, otherwise known as Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman (or Kareem Amer or just plain Kareem), then you know he’s the first person in Egypt to be prosecuted on charges of spreading ill will towards Egypt and Islam, both of which he’s belonged to since birth. And both of which he should, in any sane, free and “democratic” society, be allowed to do.  

Muslim Council of Britain – Tony Blair’s Extremists

Adrian Morgan

Founded in November 1997, the Muslim Council of Britain has long had the patronage of the UK government. It claims to represent at least 400 Muslim groups in Britain, and thus has been taken seriously by politicians and civil servants. As an unelected body representing only a fraction of the 3% of the nation's Muslims, its influence upon the elected Blair government has been disproportionate.


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