Sheikh Al-Hewini calls for Jihad as a solution to Islamic countries financial problems

"We take the non Muslims prisoners, confiscate their money, properties, children and wives"



مدحت قلادة على ال CTV 23 نوفمبر 2011


Save Egypt call   

Security and army kill protesters in Tahrir Square 

قوات الامن و الجيش تسحل المتظاهرين فى التحرير

To the whole world 

Save Egypt

أنقذوا شباب مصر

د. أحمد حرارة .. قدم نور عينيه حراً 



المفكر الكبير طارق حجى على قناة CTV

Tarek Heggy interview on CTV November 15, 2011 from NiMBUS PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.


Detailed and long video abot Maspero attack


فيديو مفصل عن مظاهرة ماسبيرو والاعتداء على الاقباط

Are the forces of repressionare making a come back?
hard talk with fouda 


To Yousri Fouda you walked away…..



Dina Rasmy said she is ashamed or working for the state Media



Yousri Fouda says: the guys who are ruling this country are worse than Mubarak



This video proves that Martyr Mina Danial did not carry any weapons


martyr mina
Toronto Demonstration October 23, 2011 3/3


تسجيل للدكتور خالد منتصر على قناة سى تى فى برنامج فى النور

Washington Protest against Maspero massacre of Copts

Stand Up for Egypt's Copts 23 October 2011

Resolution passed by Australian parliament for the Copts


Copts in France protest against the Copts massacre in Maspero cairo 2011


dr raafat gendy on hiwar tv
د. رافت جندى أقباط متحدون بريطانيا
على قناة الحوالر أثر مذبحة ماسبيرو 13 أكتوبر 2011
maspero massacre debate, islam channel
Debate on the event and the reasons behind Maspero massacre
with Ibrahim Habib United Copts,
Dr Adel Abbas Conservative Muslims and
Dr Mohammed Ghanem Moslem Brotherhood
Debate also included Shura and democracy and freedom of religion.
raaafat gendy on islam channel 1
Dr Raafat Gendy United Copts GB
Analysis of the Maspero Massacre with John Rees
On Islam Channel 11 October 2011


عضو البرلمان الاوروبى بيتر فان دالين يتحدث عن مذبحة ماسبيرو

ومطالب الاتحاد الاوروبى لاعضاء الاتحاد الاوروبى للهيئات القبطية لحقوق الانسان

House of Lords discusses Maspero riots and army killing of Copts initiated by Baroness Berridge in the House of Lords on Tuesday 18 October.


youtube link



Full recodring of London Protest 16 Oct part 1

Copts in UK Protesting the killing of innocent protesters by the Islamists and the Egyptian army in Maspero.

youtube Link 

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