The Threat of Radical Islam from Fox News 


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King Fahad Academy

Source BBC 2

King Fahad Academy

Newsnight's investigation into claims that a Muslim school in west London has been using racist teaching materials.

Ayaan Hisi Ali talks about the need for

reformation of

Radical Islam

ayaan hirsi ali

الهوس الدينى وترويج الفكر الخرافى

 النائب علاء حسنين عضو مجلس الشعب فى مهمة إخراج العفاريت..

ويؤكد قدراتة الخرافية الأستاذ الحسينى مراسل الأهرام بالمنيا

   .. فيديو من الأقباط المتحدون


عن أسلمة الفتيات القبطيات, دموع التماسيح ,شعر ,فيديو




Undercover Mosque spreading terror in UK 

sheik mianChannel 4 

Documentary TV from Youtube Part1 Part 2 Part3 Part4  Part 5  Part6

A Dispatches reporter attends mosques run by organisations whose public faces are presented as moderate and finds preachers condemning integration into British society, condemning democracy and praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers.  

Islamification of Belgium

islam belgium

Islamification of Britain

islam domi

Islamic Radicalisation of British Universities. Audio. BBC Radio.  

Alarming Radio interview from BBC Radfo for example, in Croydon, south of London Muslim gangs target school children as young as 12 y olds in schools and colleges, begins distribution of leaflets in and around schools and colleges premesis, a call to convert “Kufars” to Islam is followed by fight, intimidation and coercion where gangs of Muslim radicals up to 50 in numbers beat up students. Listen 

Tarek Ramadan still evading the questions and tell fibs

on BBC Radio 4 John Humphries

Tarek Ramadan has not really provided answers 

and used "Taquia".


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