Ethiopian Evangelist Beaten to Death by Militant Muslims:

Source Christian News Wire 

Militant Wahabbi Islamists Drag Christian Evangelist into Mosque and Beat Him to DeathContact: Jeff King, President, International Christian Concern, 800-422-5441, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



WASHINGTON, Mar. 29 , Mar. 29


Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi: "Civil Jihad" Won't Abrogate Military Jihad

 Source Memri 

At the fifth conference of the International Al-Quds Institute, held in Algeria, institute head Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi was asked whether his recent call for "civil jihad" in Palestine would influence people to give up the original jihad.


How two teens were recruited for jihad

Source NCB 

"We were told to fight against Israel, America and non-Muslims," said Muhammed Bakhtiar, 17, explaining why he wanted to become a suicide bomber. "We are so unhappy with our lives here. We have nothing," he said.

Al-Qaida urges jihadis to go to Somalia

United Press International

WASHINGTON, March 26 (UPI) -- Al-Qaida has urged Islamic extremists around the world, especially in the information sphere to aid Islamic militias in Somalia.  



PARIS, March 26, 2007 (AFP) - Four men of north African origin were arrested Monday in an investigation into a suspected Islamist underground network, police said.

Muslim pupils beat teacher to death over Koran in Nigeria  

Australia News Network 

MUSLIM pupils at a secondary school in northeastern Nigeria beat a teacher to death today after accusing her of desecrating the Koran. 

Sudanese women to be stoned for adultery: Amnesty  


Two Sudanese women have been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery after a trial in which they had no lawyer and which used Arabic, not their first language, the rights group Amnesty International said.  

15 Men charged after raids on passports factories in UK   

 BBC News 

More than 100 officers took part in the raids Fifteen people have been charged following police raids on suspected illegal passport factories.

Red Mosque in Islamabad ‘Their business is jihad' 

The Guardian 

Declan Walsh visits Islamabad's Red Mosque, a hotbed of Islamic militancy at the heart of Pakistan's capital  

Bin Laden's general was given NINE British passports 

 Daily Mail 

Nine passports: Dhiren Barot was convicted last year of conspiring to murder large numbers by blowing up gas cylinders and detonating a dirty bomb 

10,000 passports go to fraudsters in UK   

 BBC News 

First-time passport applicants will have a face-to-face interview Thousands of people, including two men convicted over terror attacks, obtained passports under false pretences, the Home Office has admitted. It admitted 10,000 passports were wrongly given in the past year, but said plans to interview applicants would combat such fraud.

Muslims Forcing Christian Assyrians in Baghdad Neighborhood to Pay 'Protection Tax' 


Baghdad (AINA) -- Muslims in the Dora neighborhood of Iraq are forcing Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) to pay the jizya, the poll tax demanded by the Koran which all Christians and Jews must pay in exchange for being allowed to live and practice their faith as well as being entitled to 'Muslim protection' from outside aggression. 

Indian Muslim group calls for beheading of Taslima Nasreen   


Khaleej Times 

LUCKNOW, India - An Indian Muslim group has offered a 500,000 rupee (11,319 dollar) bounty for the beheading of controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen.  

Freedom of speech row as talk on Islamic extremists is banned 

Daily Telegraph 

A leading university has been accused of "selling out" academic freedom of speech by scrapping a talk on links between the Nazis and Islamic anti-semitism after allegedly receiving emails from Muslims protesting about the event. 

Muslims in Nigeria Kidnap, Convert Christian Children  

Abduction of boys and girls by Islamists in northern state increasingly common. 

by Obed Minchakpu   

SOKOTO, Nigeria, March 14 (Compass Direct News) – Beginning in November of last year, 13-year-old Victor Udo Usen, a member of the Christ Apostolic Church in this northern Nigeria city, went missing.    

Al-Jazeera's Dirty Little Secret  

New York Sun 

" Al-Jazeera Satellite Network, the Greatest Arab Media Organization." —, the Web site of the Muslim Brotherhood, October 25 

'Hindu girls targeted by Muslim extremists' 


'Hindu women being targeted for Islam'Muslim extremists who try to force teenage Hindu girls to convert to Islam are being targeted in a new police crackdown.

Prosecutors: London Bombing Suspect Fled in Burka  

 Fox News.

LODNON — A jury was shown surveillance footage Tuesday of bombing suspect Yassin Omar apparently dressed in a burka after the attempted attacks in London. 

Explosion of strikes rocks Egyptian firms, Muslim Brothers behind the strikes

San Franciso Chronicle 

Thousands have walked off their jobs in a nation where such work stoppages are illegal -- and many have won raises, benefits

 Another Suspect Charged following last month raid in Birmingham 

Sky News 

A sixth man has been charged with a terror offence following last month's police raids in Birmingham. 

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