Manchester Arena attack: Hashem Abedi jailed for minimum 55 years


Image copyright GMP Image caption Hashem Abedi was arrested in Libya the day after the bombing

The brother of the Manchester Arena bomber has been jailed for at least 55 years for the murders of 22 people.

Top (left to right): Lisa Lees, Alison Howe, Georgina Callander, Kelly Brewster, John Atkinson, Jane Tweddle, Marcin Klis, Eilidh MacLeod - Middle (left to right): Angelika Klis, Courtney Boyle, Saffie Roussos, Olivia Campbell-Hardy, Martyn Hett, Michelle Kiss, Philip Tron, Elaine McIver - Bottom (left to right): Wendy Fawell, Chloe Rutherford, Liam Allen-Curry, Sorrell Leczkowski, Megan Hurley, Nell Jones

Nigerian celebrities join calls to end mass killings of Christians in new campaign

Tue 11 Aug 2020by Tola Mbakwe

Several high-profile Nigerian celebrities have taken part in a campaign calling for an end to the ongoing violence targeting Christian communities in southern Kaduna state.

A series of short videos entitled "Stop the Killings in Southern Kaduna" was released on Sunday featuring actors, comedians, music artists and business executives. 

  1. محكمة بريطانية: المؤبد للداعشية صفية شيخ
صورة صفية شيخ امام المحكمة
صورة صفية شيخ امام المحكمة

نصر المجالي: قررت محكمة لندنية اليوم الجمعة، سجن البريطانية المتحولة إلى الإسلام التي كانت أدت الولاء لـ(داعش) صفية شيخ مدى الحياة بتهمة التآمر لتفجير كاتدرائية القديس بولس خلال احتفالات عيد الفصح العام 2019.

ومن التهم التي وجهت لصفية شيخ (36 عاما) التي كانت تخضع لرقابة جهاز الاستخبارات الداخلي البريطانيMI5 التخطيط لزرع قنبلة في فندق قريب ثم تفجير نفسها في هجوم انتحاري على مترو أنفاق لندن.

وقرر قاضي محكمة (أولد بيلي) وجوب أن تخدم صفية شيخ التي مثلت أمام المحكمة مرتدية جلبابا وحجابا أسودين، مدة ما لا يقل عن 14 عاما في السجن.

وبعد الحكم القضائي، حيث كانت أقرت بذنبها في التخطيط لهجوم ونشر مواد إرهابية، تم نقل صفية بواسطة الشرطة إلى السجن حيث كانت تبتسم، ورفعت إصبعها في تحية لها ارتباط بتنظيم الدولة الإسلامية (داعش).

Egypt: Muslim terrorists hurls Molotov cocktail at Greek Orthodox church in Alexandria


“Attempted Attack at Orthodox Church in Egypt,” International Christian Concern, May 30, 2020:

05/30/2020 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – On May 16th, an unnamed man reportedly hurled a Molotov cocktail at a Greek Orthodox church in Egypt’s northern city of Alexandria. The incident resulted in no casualties or damages to the church. Police identified the attacker and arrested him.

The notorious blasphemy law and the religious minorities in Pakistan

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

When the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Asia Bibi from the death penalty, leaders and members of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) took to the streets calling for protests across the country. A TLP patron, Pir Abdul Qadri called for the killing of the Supreme Court judges who had ruled on the case of Asia Bibi. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan rebuked the protestors for exploiting religious sentiments for political gain, and promised that the country would protect the lives of people at all costs. However, the next day, the government announced that it was in talks with the religious groups who protested the court verdict, and Asia Bibi was put on the exit control list, barring her from leaving Pakistan. Imran Khan went further and released all the arrested protestors of TLP and apologized.


Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

Egypt: Human rights group accuses Qatar and Turkey of funding Muslim Brotherhood


A human rights group in Egypt issued a report “stating that the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group is behind establishing 13 armed movements that carried out terrorist attacks in Egypt between 2013 and 2019.”

The report “of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue, openly accused Qatar and Turkey of funding the Muslim Brotherhood group designated by the Egyptian state as terrorist.”

Tariq Ramadan on rape charges: “Yes I made a mistake…It was a political set up….to neutralize the Muslims”

Ever the victim, no matter what. Tariq Ramadan has been accused by several women now of violent rapes. He acknowledges some nebulous wrongdoing here, but then claims that it was all an attempt to discredit him, and thereby to “neutralize the Muslims.” It’s the same old victimhood paranoia we see from Islamic supremacists whenever they’re accused of any wrongdoing at all.

St Paul's bomb plot: IS supporter Safiyya Shaikh pleads guilty

Safiyya Shaikh

Safiyya Shaikh told undercover police she wanted to bomb St Paul's Cathedral and a hotel

A supporter of the banned Islamic State terror group has admitted plotting to blow herself up in a bomb attack on St Paul's Cathedral.

Muslim convert Safiyya Shaikh went on a reconnaissance trip to scope out the London landmark and a hotel.

Muslim Brotherhood should be proscribed as a terrorist organisation, UK Parliament hears 

British MPs say group is intolerant of other beliefs and drives 'fanaticism'

Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Yusuf Al Qaradawi currently resides in Doha. Reuters

Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Yusuf Al Qaradawi currently resides in Doha. Reuters

A British MP called for the Muslim Brotherhood to be proscribed as a terrorist group as politicians criticised its intolerance towards other faiths, during a parliamentary debate on the persecution of Christians.


After imprisonment and de-radicalisation, a terrorist is NOT de-radicalised.

UK need to look for the root of radicalisation. 

police shoot man dead after 'terror related' stabbing.

London (CNN)London police named have named a man they say was responsible for stabbing two people in south London on Sunday in what was described as a terror-related incident.

The Metropolitan police said the attacker was 20-year-old Sudesh Amman who had recently been released from prison for Islamist-related offences. He was being followed by surveillance officers who shot him dead at the scene, police said.
"Although the suspect has not been formally identified, given the circumstances of the incident, we are confident that he was Sudesh Amman," Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D'Orsi announced.

For Immediate Release

17 January 2020


The detention of Egyptian Coptic activist Rami Kamil, who is facing terrorism charges, has been extended by  15 days after he was interrogated in prison by prosecutors. He has reportedly been told to stop writing about violations of freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) if he wants to be released.

Mr Kamil, 33, is a prominent human rights activist who took part in the 2011 uprising, in which the government of Hosni Mubarak was overthrown, and the events that followed it. He is a founding member and coordinator of the Maspero Youth Union, a Coptic human rights group that emerged following the Maspero massacre of October 2011, in which over 20 Coptic protesters were killed when the military attacked a peaceful civil rights protest.

Parents’ outrage as school tells children not to sing ‘Lord’ in Christmas carol classic
Sun 15 Dec 2019
By Ruth Sax

Parents of children at a primary school in Essex are appalled after the head teacher ruled that children should sing ‘baby boy Jesus’ rather than ‘little Lord Jesus’ in the Christmas carol, Away in a Manger - so that pupils of all beliefs can join in.

UCGB SAYS; UK rehabilitation of terrorists is a joke, the root is in the preachers of hate in the Middle East

Usman Khan: All we know about London Bridge killer who was jailed for terror plot

Usman Khan, 28, was previously jailed for plotting terror attacks on targets including Parliament, the London Stock Exchange and the US embassy. He was out on license when he carried out Friday's attack at London Bridge.


Padraig Collins
Tanveer MannDeputy News Editor
Dave Burke

The terrorist who murdered two innocent people before being shot dead by police while wearing a fake suicide vest had already been jailed for plotting terror attacks.

Usman Khan, 28, was one of nine fundamentalists who schemed to target sites including the Houses of Parliament, the London Stock Exchange and the US embassy.


He was recorded saying that the only possible outcomes for him were martyrdom, prison or victory.

The terrorists were also recorded discussing leaving bombs in pubs and clubs in and around Stoke-on-Trent, where Khan lived at the time.

He was named by police as the suspect who was shot dead following yesterday's deadly attack, and searches of his Staffordshire home are being carried out.

A man and a woman died, while three others - a man and two women - were injured in the attack.

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It has since emerged that Khan, who was born and raised in the UK, and eight others were jailed for a variety of terror offences in February 2012 - and he was freed in December last year.

Khan was given an indeterminate sentence for "public protection" - meaning he could remain in jail beyond the end of his eight year sentence.

Have you been affected by the London Bridge terror attack? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“We will get rid of Christian people like you”:

Hani Morris Coptic Christian jailed on false charges in Kuwait, sues Kuwaiti government

After Canada accepted his Asylum for Protection as a refugee from Kuwait, Hani Morris, an Egyptian Coptic Christian, filed a lawsuit against Kuwait, and more specifically against two major institutions there, Al Mulla Motors and United Ahli bank in Kuwait. The case was accepted by the Canadian Court.


Islamic scholar ‘says Allah allows Muslim men to RAPE non-Muslim women to humiliate them'

AN ISLAMIC professor has allegedly claimed Muslim men are allowed by Allah to rape non-Muslim women in order to “humiliate” them.


Saud Saleh

Saud Saleh allegedly made the comments on television

Professor Saud Saleh – from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt – reportedly said rape is allowed between times of “legitimate war” between Muslims and their enemies.

The controversial professor allegedly said slavery existed before Islam and anyone could trade “freeborn men and women” but that Islam put slavery “into order” by regulating when it was allowed.

The New Arab Logo


The New Arab

 Sri Lanka expels 200 Islamic clerics after Easter attacks

Sri Lanka expels 200 Islamic clerics after Easter attacks

Sri Lanka's home affairs minister said some 200 clerics were expelled from the island amid a security crackdown in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks.

Sri Lanka has expelled over 600 foreign nationals, including around 200 Islamic clerics, since the Easter suicide bombings blamed on a local jihadi group, a minister told AFP on Sunday.

Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena said the clerics had entered the country legally, but amid a security crackdown after the attacks, were found to have overstayed their visas.  Fines were imposed and they were expelled from the island as a result, the minister said.

هنصلى حتى وسط الرماد

"أسقف و أقباط مطاى يزيلون أثار الحريق بخيمة الصلاة ويصلون الجمعة العظيمة وسط الرماد ..

لم يمنعهم حريق خيمة الصلاة بالكامل من الصلاة بعد رفع الادلة الجنائية وفى وقت قصير تم ازالة اثار الحريق حوالى 1000 كرسى ومحتويات الهيكل ووضع كراسى وبدء صلاة الجمعة العظيمة رغم الرماد ورائحة الحريق تفوح فى كل مكان وحرارة الشمس الحارقة ولكن بخور الصلاة ارتفعت فى كل مكان يقف امامهم الاسقف والكهنة والشمامسة وخلفهم الشعب يصلون ذكرى صلب المسيح .....

نادر شكرى

Sri Lanka authorities warned of Easter church bombings weeks before Sunday's massacre, officials say

After a day of deadly Easter Sunday attacks, counterterrorism expert Bobby Chacon says the massacre shows the radical ideology is spreading.

Weeks before coordinated bombings ripped through churches and luxury hotels -- killing nearly 300 people on Easter Sunday -- authorities in Sri Lanka received warnings a domestic radical Muslim group would attack the nation on the Christian holy day.

Despite multiple warnings from international intelligence agencies, however, Sri Lanka’s security officials reportedly failed to heed the alerts and apparently took no action to protect against a potential attack. Authorities were first alerted to the threat April 4.

Egyptian Christians Left With Nowhere To Pray But The Street

March 1, 20197:16 AM ET


On a recent visit to Egypt, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo toured a towering new cathedral. He praised the authoritarian government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for supporting Egypt's Christian minority. But that is not the whole story in this majority Muslim nation. In some parts of Egypt, the government will not grant permits for churches. And tens of thousands of worshippers are left to pray in the street. NPR's Jane Arraf reports.

UNIDENTIFIED GROUP #1: (Foreign language spoken).

JANE ARRAF, BYLINE: It's Sunday morning, and the Mar Gerges church in the town of Tayeba is almost full. It's a Coptic Orthodox service - three hours long. Children dart in and out. There are stained glass windows casting rainbow-colored light on the worshippers. Men are on one side, the women on the other. Most of the men wear galabayas - the long robes of the countryside. Their hands, raised in prayer, are weathered from working in the fields. A lot of the families in the battered, wooden pews have come from surrounding towns and villages, where their churches are closed.

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