Muslims attack Christians in the presence of Police in Dair Mawas, Egypt. 

dair mowas24th April 2007

A crowd of Muslim fundamentalists attacked Christians who were officially regaining control over on of the houses which were illegally occupied by Muslim fanatics in Dair Mawas since 1986. 

The house belongs to the family of Eng. Adly Abadeer. Eng. Adly Abadeer is the Head of Copts United in Zurich and also known as the Elder of Copts in the Diaspora. 

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A court ruling to return the house to the family, the in turn donated the house to the Dair Mawas Bishopric. At 2pm on 24th April, the time and date arranged by the police for the handover, Suddenly a crowd of Muslim fundamentalists started throwing stones at and attacking the Christians including priests, using swords, knives and chains resulting in the injury of 10 Christians in the presence of the local police who did not attempt to stop the attack. 

Police officers abused and swore at the priests for no reason. It was also noticed that after the attack, while priests and Christians were waiting and sitting patiently on the grass outside the Police station, hospitality to the Muslim fanatics’ leaders was extended courtesy of the police who inited them inside the police station. 

One car belonging to the Dair Mawas Bishopric was set on fire by Muslim fundamentalists. 

 Photos courtesy of Free Copts.

Priests at a sit in strike at the Police station while Police officers watched a soccer game

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One of the victims

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Armored vehicles arrive at the scene

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Police arrived when it was too late

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