Zubeida appearance reveals lies of BBC correspondent: SIS

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In connection with the statement issued by the State Information Service (SIS) about the BBC documentary report aired and published 23 February 2018 refuting the professional errors and violations as well as allegations it included on the situation in Egypt, especially regarding the “enforced disappearance” of citizen Zubeida, the State Information Services wishes to reiterate a range of issues:

1. The appearance of  citizen Zubeida, in the manner shown, and her talk in “Kol Youm” (Everyday) TV show presented by  renowned anchor Amr Adib in a family atmosphere entirely disproves the authenticity of the BBC report on her enforced disappearance and torture.

2. The above-mentioned fact confirms the authenticity of the remarks and criticism mentioned in the SIS earlier statement in response to the BBC report regarding the other issues it included, biased attitudes and personal impressions adopted by the report writer towards Egypt.

3.The appearance of  citizen Zubeida emphasizes what was mentioned in the SIS earlier statement regarding the BBC report’s lack of internationally recognized journalistic and media  professional norms and standards as well as the rules and regulations adopted by the BBC.

Based on the foregoing, the State Information Service demands the BBC  to:

1. Issue an immediate apology in the same manner the BBC documentary report was aired and published for the gross professional error regarding citizen Zubeida, to the extent of absolute falsification and fabrication.

2. Seriously and swiftly take into consideration the remarks and criticism mentioned in the SIS earlier statement and take all necessary professional and administrative measures to correct the errors and violations included in its report.

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