Suspended for wearing a Cross - now victimised at work




Employment Tribunal (Watford) on 26 October 2018

My claim centres on:


1.1. Victimisation: detriment for making protected acts contrary s.27 Equality Act 2010 (EqA 2010) (or any relevant antecedent legislation);

1.2. Whistleblowing: detriment for making protected disclosures contrary to s.47B            Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA 1996); and

1.3. Harassment: unwanted conduct relating to religion or belief contrary to s.27 EqA 2010


Remember me?


In 2006 I was suspended from British Airways for wearing a cross which was and is no bigger than a five penny piece. I was supported by my MP, politicians and clergy of all faiths. My case gained media coverage nationally and globally. I was reinstated in my job in February 2007, in which I am still employed.

Having exhausted all legal avenues in the UK, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg determined in my favour (January 2013).  It was specifically recognised that I had suffered anxiety, frustration and distress (para 114). 

My Case

You’ve heard it said that “all’s well that ends well”. Sadly, I am here to update you – all has not been well.  Since winning my case I have been systematically bullied and harassed in my workplace.  I enjoy my work! Surely, having won my case, I still have equal rights with other colleagues to be treated with respect?

I was very pleased when I was reinstated in my job after a period of unpaid suspension.  But even though I won the Cross case, my Company have never apologised to me and have never admitted any wrong-doing. They only changed their uniform policy as a business directive.

Whilst my company are going through major structural change and severance is on offer, I wish to remain in my job.

Why does this case matter

It is my heartfelt wish that a positive outcome for this case will set a precedent ensuring the protection of others in the workplace.  In our democratic society, people are entitled to stand up and stand out for their dignity and beliefs.

My bringing this case to the Employment Tribunal is to right a wrong in the way I have been treated as a loyal employee. My case centres on victimisation, bullying, harassment and whistle blowing detriment.

In the early days, focus was solely on the Cross case alone, and rightly so. But are not my welfare and self-worth also important? I want to seek justice so that other people feel confident in speaking out and will not be silenced by their employer. 

 It happened to me and it could happen to you!

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Dear Dr Ibrahim

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Nadia Eweida

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