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Christian Minority

82.    Egypt is home to the largest Christian community in the Arab world. The Special Rapporteur interviewed Coptic Egyptians forced to leave their homes and villages in Upper Egypt after community conflicts with Muslim neighbours. Forced evictions of Coptic families were also reported in Basra village, Ameriya/Alexandria, in Tud/Luxor, in Shebin al- Qanatir/Qulubiya, and in Maiana Bahnasia and Kafr Darwish/Beni Suef.

83.    The Special Rapporteur learned that in some instances forced evictions were ordered by community reconciliation mechanisms that serve as dispute resolution tools. However, these reconciliation mechanisms do not necessarily ensure a fair hearing for members of minorities, nor are their rulings always in conformity with national or international human rights law. State officials have been present at some community reconciliation sessions, but reportedly have failed to intervene when rulings legitimised the arbitrary expulsion of Coptic families from their homes and sometimes expressed public support for such decisions. Official judicial bodies have also failed to provide legal protection against community reconciliation decisions and law enforcement authorities have, in several instances, refused to provide security to those who wanted to return to their homes. 

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