The Bishop of Truro’s independent review for the Foreign Secretary of FCO support for persecuted Christians final report was published yesterday.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “When Islamist terrorists struck Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, killing over 250 people, this was the third Easter in a row disfigured by a terrorist attack somewhere in the world. And these attacks stand alongside the equally appalling attacks on worshippers in mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand, reminding us how people across the world, of all faiths are still in this, the 21st century, being murdered for their religion. So I warmly welcome this report and its recommendations. We are working across Government to agree a formal collective response as soon as possible.”

"In the light of the vast scale of the problem of Christian persecution and the variable support provided across the FCO Network the Independent Review team urge the Foreign Secretary to ensure that a follow-up independent mechanism is established in three years’ time to ensure that the FCO Network has implemented in full the recommendations of this Final Report in support of vulnerable Christian communities, and the exercise and protection of their inalienable rights under Article 18 of the Universal Declaration. This is not only for the sake of the followers of Jesus Christ, but because, like the ‘canary in the mine’, they point to the needs and freedoms of all." (Conclusion, p125)

The Recommendations in full
The Report in full
The Foreign Secretary's speech at the launch

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