Thanking America - LEAKING Blood for Liberty ...
This Morning – Memorial Day week end … One of the bravest men in America called me and in his heavy accent wished me a Blessed Memorial Day … and he thanked America for the Blood she leaks and leaked for hundreds of years to create liberty.
I thank him for coming to America – we need him.  Tortured six months for merely helping a Muslim woman, a woman who renounced Islam and became a Christian.  A woman he helped smuggle out of Egypt – under the scrutiny of the Secret Police, the Gestapo of the Middle East – her crime?  Leaving Islam.  The Secret Police hunted her down and found her in Holland – they worked out a bargain with her … They would not kill her children … her children’s lives for the name of the man who out smarted them.  They hunted him down and dragged him to Islamic justice: under orders of the top Islamic Clergy in Egypt. 
They tortured him for six months – Confined in solitary shocked repeatedly with cattle prods, suspended for hours by his wrists … beaten time and time again … all he had to do was convert to Islam and it would stop.  He would not renounce Jesus.
He had been one of the richest men in Egypt, his next door neighbor was the Vice President of Egypt … Finally – after 6 months of hell they released him … his business destroyed – everything he owned taken from him.
He left his Egypt – his native land, the land he loved … even today he reminisces and wonders if he should return … He – as millions before fled the oppression for the liberty of America.  For 9 hours he stood side by side with me on Earth Day, April 22, 2007 … and he told the TRUTH about Islam to thousands of people who filed by … He stood his ground even when a Terrorist Imam of San Diego challenged us, a Terrorist who lied that Islam is peace and liberty … He bravely told all in the crowd before us that this man is a Wahhabi – the Dangerous Terrorist Cell that is so prevalent, so influential in America … the Wahhabi Imam realized the jig was up and ran from the crowd.
Who is this brave man in America who thanks America for the blood we have leaked and leaked to bring Liberty as a Call of Hope to the World?  This Brave man, this warrior for Jesus is NABIL BISSADA … of all the men I have ever known with Medals of Honor and Navy Crosses he is one of 2 men I would consider truly brave – in the Sense of our Founding Fathers … the other is Eddie the Ear.
Blessings to you all who understand that giving the world our Leaking Blood is the Only Way to secure the Blessings of Liberty … If you understand this – then you understand the price those who leaked their blood gave us and we can remember them this Memorial Day … If you wish … thank Nabil … I will forward it to him. 

Steve Klein

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