The Coptic Doctor incarcerated in Saudi Arabia 

A story of persecution of non-Muslims and Islamisation by coercion 

As told by him through a friend

Source Copts-United of Canada

Dear Reader,  This is the story of Dr. M. Fahmy and what has happened to him in his own words.

"My name is Mamdooh Fahmy, of Egyptian nationality.  A 1989 medical  school graduate of Ein Shams University. I completed my postgraduate study and became a surgeon in1997.  

Upon securing a work contract, I came to Riyadh as a surgeon at Albyaan Menfhoh Medical Center in February 2nd.  2004.  

As I began my work, a group of Egyptian physicians [1] began repeatedly inviting me to join the Islamic faith. I always changed the subject to escape getting into a religious debate. As my coworkers continued to pressure me, I decided to explain to them my own religious conviction as a Christian. When they realized that my own convictions would not waver and that I had a good understanding of Islam, they accused me of being a Christian missionary. 

On April 12, 2005, I had a surprise visit from three Saudi officials at work. Two were in civilian attire and one was a police officer. They informed me that they were from the morals policing organization [2]. They proceeded to insult me publicly before the staff and patients of the medical center. They confiscated my wallet, cell phone and keys. They handcuffed me, shackled my legs and dragged me to a waiting car, then proceeded to my residence.  

While the police officer and I remained in the vehicle, the two civilians raided my house, confiscating all written and published materials (books, notes, etc). I was then taken to the police station on where I was formally accused of being a Christian missionary and of consuming alcoholic beverages at work.  

I was placed in solitary confinement for five days. After my confinement they began the interrogation process. Each time I was questioned, I was cursed and insulted. The interrogator referred to me as "Infidel". 

After my release, I asked the Grantor3 for my passport. He told me that it was no longer in his possession; it was now in the police custody. I went to the police to retrieve it. They told me I would have to go to the governor's office, which in turn referred me to another civil department, and so on until I reached the State Department. All agencies denied having possession of my passport. 

In exasperation, I approached the Egyptian Consul, Mr.Magdy Al-dereny, who knew me well, and asked for his assistance. He informed me that I was under no official obligation to remain in the country and that I was not being formally charged with any crimes. He was able to have a replacement passport issued to me. 

Throughout this situation, my colleagues had continued their accusations, with the result that I was suspended from my job. It has now been six months with no income or work permit.

I am unable neither to either seek new employment nor to return to Egypt, as the Saudi government will neither issue new working permits nor will they grant me an exit Visa, an essential requirement for me to leave the kingdom." 

Please note 

I have taken it upon myself to defend Dr. Fahmy and  will not only publish his story, but I will follow up on his case until the Saudi authorities act to ensure his safe return to Egypt.  

I call upon the Egyptian President and the Secretary of State to intervene and find a resolution to this situation. I also call for the help of all humanitarian organizations to pressure oppressive governments into recognizing basic human rights. I also urge the media and members of the public to help. 

I would like to point out that the Egyptian Physicians organization union has a policy of protecting their members, both in Egypt and abroad. Due to their fear of political and religious backlash, however, they have yet to even acknowledge the situation of one of their members, Dr. Fahmy. 

Finally, I would like to point out that had Dr. Fahmy been a citizen of a Western country instead of Egypt, the Saudi Government would not have dared to take the actions it has thus far. It has become apparent that the Saudi government holds two sets of standards: one that they use against nationals of weaker countries that they can dominate, and one they use for nationals of stronger countries who can dominate them. 

I call upon all free people not to rest until the humiliation of  Dr. Fahmy has been ended. Dr. Fahmy is nothing but a single case among many cases resulting from the discriminatory ideologies widely spread throughout the Islamic world. In the 21st. century, such human rights abuses cannot be tolerated. 

[1] The group of Egyptian physicians was a group of Muslim fanatics working in the same medical center with Dr. Fahmy. They are; Dr. Ibraheem T. Salih, Dr. Abd-elfattah S. Ahmad, Dr. Ahmad E. Mohamed, Dr. Mohamed Ragaey. 

[2] The morals policing organization is a government organization to monitor the behavior of populace and their compliance with the Islamic Sharia Low. 

[3] The Grantor or sponsor: All foreign workers in Saudi Arabia must have a Saudi citizen sponsoring the worker in the kingdom. Upon the workers' arrival to the kingdom, he must surrender all the personal documents to the grantor including but not limited to, the passport, personal ID, and any related traveling document. The foreign worker is restricted in his movements to what can be granted by the grantor. International travel is only possible by the grantor approval and must obtain a government exit visa. 

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