Muslim Mob Burns St George's Cross On Streets Of London


Extremist British Muslims called for the Queen to "Go to Hell" as they burnt the flag of St George on the streets of London.

The furious mob waved placards and chanted angrily in protest over Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie being given a knighthood.

Around two dozen protestors, some clad in Mujahideen-style face scarves, called for Rushdie to be "punished not praised" and wished death on Tony Blair as they waved banners demanding "may God curse the Queen" outside the gates of the London Central Mosque in Regent's Park.

One rabble
Muslim Mob Burns St George's Cross On Streets Of Londonrouser shouted: "Salman Rushdie is a devil. He should be attacked. We as Muslims should never forget how he insulted the Prophet.

"We have a responsibility to hold the Queen accountable for standing with the people who insult Islam."

Another loony protestor spat: "Brothers and sisters, make no mistake, the British government and the Queen are your enemies.

"Their design is your ruin. Hatred is uttered from their tongues but what's in their hearts is far worse."

He added: "They have made Tony Blair a middle east envoy. Surely he will go to the middle east as an envoy and come back in a box, insh'Allah. [God willing]"

Some of the group jumped up and down with glee as they set light to a homemade English flag.

The protestors acted angrily as photographers tried to capture them, shouting: "You can't take our photos - you're not Muslim."

But most of the thousand or more worshippers streaming out of the mosque after prayers ignored the demonstrators as they ranted maniacally through a megaphone.

Just a hundred curious onlookers stopped to watch, but did not answer calls to join in chants of "Salman Rushdie go to hell", British Queen go to hell, British police go to hell".

Many of those present appeared bemused and the crowd dispersed after a short time

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