Egypt and the Modern Civil State, Article II, and the Muslim Brotherhood 

The day of what is called “The Old State”, which was built on conquest, change by coercion and brutal force has long gone and has been replaced by “The Modern Civil State which is based on an unwritten Social Contract.  

The unwritten contract of “the Modern Civil State” is: in return for civil peace and respect of the rule of law by citizens, the State provides security and services to all citizens on the basis of Equality, freedom, Justice, Rule by democracy for all citizens ... The Constitution defines the relationship between a citizen and other citizens and the relationship between citizens and the state, also define the interrelationship between the three main authorities Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. 

Those principles are now the universal principles and values which were reached after centuries of struggle by mankind are becoming the foundation for the Human relations. These are the accepted foundations now and not what they call in Egypt “religious Constants” as some of the Egyptian Media try to promote.  

Each religious faction has its own “religious Constants” which can not be forced on citizens of different belief and is of no use in uniting the “Nation”, as Salah Issa the Editor in Chief for the Weekly Al-Qaria al-Youm, put it, that what unite nations is “Nations Common Values” not “religious Constants”. 

Egypt is now at a historic crossroads. At the discussions which proceeded the Constitutional changes, in which our thinkers, experts, liberals and all who care about Egyptian public affairs have said it clear, loud and unambiguous, that the choice is simple and clear, the Choice is of modern civil State which upholds citizenship, a state in which all citizens have full citizenship rights and fundamental freedoms, the Freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression and democracy, justice and equality are the cornerstone in building the relationship between individuals and between individuals and  the State of Egypt. 

Three decades and more since the beginning of Islamisation of society in Egypt have passed which were detrimental to the progress of Egypt. The Copts are now tired of continues discrimination, hardship, persecution, repeated harassment and the failure of state to protect their rights.   

Copts are tired of their marginalization and persistent diminution of their role in public life. Copts are dismayed at the intended neglect of their culture and history and sick of being portrayed as outsiders not worthy of citizenship.  

Copts are tired of being stereotyped in the Egyptian public eyes either as Scrooge or dirty or mentally retarded.  

Copts are tied and sick of being unable to be deservedly promoted in their careers and have to face the glass ceiling towards leadership positions. Copts are tired of being deprived of justice in the courts and the Kosheh massacre courts attest to that.  

Copts are the only group of people who have, alone, paid extortionate price for the social peace of Egypt and they are tired of that, too.  

The Copts from inside and outside Egypt said it, we do not accept to be treated as Dhimmies, nor second-class citizens. Copts through out the history, proved themselves to be honest and loyal to our nation. Copts are truly the faithful sons to Egypt. 

Copts did not despise or curse Egypt and did not ask for Khalifa from Malaysia to come to govern Egypt as the Muslim Brothers General Guide, Mahdi Akef once said.   

Any group of people would like to participate in the “Political Process” under “the Modern Civil State” must abide by the rules, number one rule is to renounce violence. Muslim Brothers by adopting “Jihad” in their manifesto, have automatically excluded themselves from the “Political Process”  

Ibrahim Habib

United Copts GB

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