Animhumanistic: The State of Degeneration 

The events that are repeatedly happening in our beloved Egypt are not only produced by chance, but they are the result of the vast amount of accumulated policies tainted by the “Aldojemati” school of thought. For such events that are daily happening in our Egyptian society are triggered by the core event that happened nearly 50 years ago (45 to be exact) –

the Revolution of July 23, 1952 under the forces of Al-Wahbi. Brought among the people of our society, the revolution represented itself as one fighting in the name of so-called “Arab Nationalism” –an ideology responsible for our current lack of culture and the overall falsification of our history. It was a revolution which resulted with a kind of nationalism that does not adhere to the multiplicity of resources, races and to any other religion but Islam. Consequently, it was a revolution that resulted with the “islamization” of the Non-Muslims.

            The revolution was seen as a tool to revive the Islamic caliphates and to replace the Ottoman Empire that died in the junkyard of all history more over than three decades ago. The opened furnace of persecution over the non-Muslims was what we were left with. And so, our situation is going from bad to worse. Egypt has been put on slippery grounds going downhill at the speed of sound. With the help of our beloved successive governments, procedures have been introduced since the revolution of 1952 in order to advance our stationary scientific state revolving around experiments of genetic engineering never known to Man before and thereby finally produced a scientific miracle completely insignificant to the history of the universe.

            Such a scientific miracle is the key to the degeneration of our time for the people have degenerated into hybrids of both man and animal –they became “animhumanistic”. Such entities have the outer appearance of Man and yet possess the anatomy of animals –an anatomy that is not shown unless during conflicts and of course the prayers and the weekly Friday sermons. Its characteristics are many, most importantly:

-         jealousy and strong intolerance

-         propensity for aggression

-         a hooligan that knows no rules

-         has the tendency to sabotage the property of others

-         narcissist and adorns self-glorification

-         lack of control over feelings of love and hatred

-         expects evil and hostility from those around him


Seeing as the above characterizes 90% of the Muslim citizens today, not only in Egypt but in the whole Muslim World, the evidence of this state of degeneration among Muslim citizens is clearly found upon analyzing the events that happen every Friday proceeding the prayers and weekly sermons. It is obvious that the Copts are facing a great deal of pressure and insecurity coming from their own homeland. Such examples of grief, pain and slaughter, specifically after Friday prayers, are as follows:

  1. Friday May 16, 1990: extremists throwing explosives at the church;

  2. Friday September 20, 1991: extremists destroying the shops, homes and pharmacies of Copts in Al-Muneera, Cairo;

  3. Friday, June 19, 1992: extremists in the village of Sanbo Bderott killed three Copts, sabotaged 64 houses and shops belonging to the Copts, including 8 that were burned down completely;

  4. Friday, October 16, 1992: extremists sabotage and destruct the property of Copts in the city of Sohag, where two Copts were killed, the burning down of a Church and the continued acts of vandalism took place for more than 3 hours;

  5. Friday, March 5, 1993: the attacking of the property and lives of Copts under the shade of the sword with the end result of the murder of Bushara Mir, in the village of Assuit, as he was returning from his Church to his home;

  6. Friday, March 11, 1994: Massacre committed by extremists by usage of firearms at the Muharraq Monastery in Assuit where two monks and three Coptic visitors were killed in the monastery;

  7. Friday, February 3, 1997: public assault on Coptic citizens after prayer in the village of Menya where property was destroyed under the shade of the sword;

  8. Friday, February 14, 1997: three Copts killed in the village of Kom Abu Qarqas Zuhayr;

  9. Friday, March 7, 1997: Mob attacked church and sabotaged houses and shops belonging to the Copts;

  10. Friday, August 14, 1998: extremists killed two Copts in the village of Kosheh through torture;

  11. Friday December 31, 1991: incidents of sabotage, murder and vandalism of property in the village of Kosheh continues onto January 2, 2000;

  12. Friday, November 7, 2003: Vandalism of 13 houses and injuring 3 as a result of the attack in the village of Balayat;

  13. Friday, December 3, 2004: Muslims attacked by the burning of a church, the attack and destruction of Copts’ lives of property in the village of Menkotain, Menya;

  14. Friday, October 14, 2005 and Friday, October 21, 2005: thousands of mobs attacking homes, shops, and St. George Church of Alexandria;

  15. Friday, April 14, 2006: groups of extremists attacked churches in Alexandria with their swords killing Copts and wounding 5 others as a result of this terrorist attack;

  16. Friday, may 11, 2007: extremists attacked houses and shops belonging to Copts after Friday prayers. Twenty-seven houses and shops were reported to be semi-burned meanwhile 10 houses were totally destroyed in addition to the monstrous attack against Copts using stones, knives and kerosene;

  17. Friday, May 18, 2007: after the spreading of a rumor that a house has been turned into an underground Church, an Imam at a mosque located in Qena, Upper Egypt called for an attack against the defend less Copts using sticks and swords;

  18. Friday, June 9, 2007: in the city of Alexandria, the attacks continued to be carried out proceeding Friday prayers. These attacks concentrated on Alexandrian Ave. in the neighborhood of Muharram Bek, famous for its numerous Christian residents. Called under the leadership of Sheikh Hassan Ibrahim, also known as “King Rushdie”, extremists attacked Copts primarily by the sword and continued again their violent attacks by kerosene, preceding the evening prayers of the same day. It seems like such violence gave these degenerates a blood rushing high as they began their attacks once again against the Church of the Virgin Mary and Abu Sven. Carrying their swords, each attacker developed hatred against the church doors and began their attempt to burn them and burn innocent Copts of the area. Beyond all else, I must give my thanks to the ministry of public security for intervening, cordoning the area and arresting twenty Christians from the region instead of arresting the degenerates that committed these crimes.
 There are hundred of these persecuted events that took place by the degenerates of the country after their “holy” prayers. The mind boggling question that arises to the surface now is: How does one turn into a degenerate??? 

The Qur’an and the Sunna:

- Planting hatred between the Muslim and the other: “A good example has been set for you by Abraham and those with him. They said to their people, "We disown you and the idols that you worship besides God. We denounce you, and you will see nothing from us except animosity and hatred until you believe in God Alone" However, a mistake was committed by Abraham when he said to his father, "I will pray for your forgiveness, but I possess no power to protect you from God." "Our Lord, we trust in You, and submit to You; to You is the final destiny.” Al-Mumtahannah 4


- Eliminating doubts in the hearts of the Muslims, Jews and Christian: “Neither the Jews, nor the Christians, will accept you, unless you follow their religion. Say, "God's guidance is the true guidance." If you acquiesce to their wishes, despite the knowledge you have received, you will find no ally or supporter to help you against God.” Al-Baqara 120

- The boycotting between Muslims and the infidels: “O you who believe, do not take certain Jews and Christians as allies; these are allies of one another. Those among you who ally themselves with these belong with them. God does not guide the transgressors.” Al-Maeda 51

- Condemn the infidels just as Allah has condemned them: “The Jews said, "Ezra is the son of God," while the Christians said, "Jesus is the son of God!" These are blasphemies uttered by their mouths. They thus match the blasphemies of those who have disbelieved in the past. God condemns them. They have surely deviated.” At-Tawba 30

- Command the Muslims to kill the Jews and the Christians: “You shall fight them, for GOD will punish them at your hands, humiliate them, grant you victory over them, and cool the chests of the believers.” At-Tawba 14

- Kill the infidels anywhere: “It is decreed that when death approaches, you shall write a will for the benefit of the parents and relatives, equitably. This is a duty upon the righteous.” Al-Baqara 180

- Have a lack of respect to those who are non Muslims: “They ask you about the Sacred Months and fighting therein: say, "Fighting therein is a sacrilege. However, repelling from the path of God and disbelieving in Him and in the sanctity of the Sacred Masjid, and evicting its people, are greater sacrileges in the sight of God. Oppression is worse than murder." They will always fight you to revert you from your religion, if they can. Those among you who revert from their religion, and die as disbelievers, have nullified their works in this life and the Hereafter. These are the dwellers of Hell, wherein they abide forever” Al-Baqara 217

- Place a curse on others: “Say, "Let me tell you who are worse in the sight of GOD: those who are condemned by God after incurring His wrath until He made them (as despicable as) monkeys and pigs, and the idol worshipers. These are far worse, and farther from the right path."” Al-Maeda 60

- Instigate the killing of the “infidels”: “O you prophet, you shall exhort the believers to fight. If there are twenty of you who are steadfast, they can defeat two hundred, and a hundred of you can defeat a thousand of those who disbelieved. That is because they are people who do not understand.” Al-Anfal 65

- Fight until there is no more tumult in the land: “You may also fight them to eliminate oppression, and to worship God freely. If they refrain, you shall not aggress; aggression is permitted only against the aggressors.” Al-Baqara 193

- Have a feeling of superiority: “Therefore, you shall not waver and surrender in pursuit of peace, for you are guaranteed victory, and God is with you. He will never waste your efforts.” Muhammad 35


Dear reader, as we can clearly see, the above “animhumanistic” genes are found in every potential Muslim for they are the inherited directions given to every Muslim through the “holy words of Allah”. You see, it is no longer about an extremist vs. a liberal Muslim. It is about who is truly carrying out the commands of their Allah.


            Please recognize that this degeneration is not solely happening on behalf of our beloved so-called extremists, but also through our Egyptian media as they work around the heavy distortion of reported events which occur by a number of trends, including:

  1. Denial: the claim that everything is fine and the persecution is a reflection of the individual
  2. Total disregard of the violent attacks by downplaying its significance or hiding it from the eyes of the public through the publication of a few written lines squeezed in the inner pages of the paper
  3. Deception and misleading descriptions that no one is able to decipher. For example, it is descriptions ranging from “clashes between Muslim and Copts”, “incidents of violence” and “regrettable attacks between Muslims and Copts” that leave us all unable to distribute responsibility on each party…it is through these stereotypical reports that Muslims and Copts are placed on the same end of the spectrum without shining light on the attacker vs. the victim.

Finally, we ask god to answer our prayers and heal the Muslim mind, keeping him away from the dangerous state of degeneration. We call out to the Egyptian Government to cancel Friday all together…six days are enough!


Your brother,

Magdy Ted


[Translated: 28/6/07]

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