Kidnapping of a Nun in Alexandria

On Friday, May 11, 2005, a ministry leader in the Church of St. Mary and St. Mina of Kng Mariout, Al-Amreya, asked sister Aeyda Adel-Kamal, also known as sister Neimah (approximately 18 years of age) to browse the local shops and purchase party supplies for the Sunday school classes. After the given instructions, sister Neimah left the church following what she has been told.


As time passed, members of the church continued to await her arrival. To everybody’s worst nightmare, she never returned. With attempts to find her, her sister began roaming the streets, asking the store owners about her sister’s whereabouts and eventually received devastating news. According to the store owners, sister Neimah was taken by unidentified people unto the Mini Bus, the local means of transportation.


Not knowing what to do, Neimah’s sister hastily returned back to Church and directly went to the office of Father Fam Fawzey (0127435828). Upon hearing the news, Father Fawzey (0127435828) called Neimah’s father, Mr. Adel Kamal, a city worker and a current helper for the Church house of Asporting, Kng Mariout.


Together, Mr. Kamal and Father Fawzey (0127435828) set out to the police division of Al-Amreya where they entered the office of Mahmoud Al-Hasawey (0106714242). At first, both Mr. Kamal and Father Fawzey (0127435828) were welcomed by Mr. Al-Hasawey (0106714242), however as their story deepened, Mr. Al-Hasawey (0106714242) refused to fill a Missing Persons Report in order to conduct the search for Neimah. 


Transferred to the night shift policeman, Mr. Kamal and Father Fawzey’s (0127435828) attempt in finding Neimah through the city’s security agents failed once again as a Missing Persons Report was filled out (ID number 6992 of 2007, Al-Amreya) without noting the fact that witnesses saw her being kidnapped.


With little hope left, Mr. Kamal and Father Fawzey (0127435828) were transferred to the State Police, located on the same street. After an extensive period of time passed, Chief of the State Police of Al-Amreya, Mr. Kamal and Father Fawzey (0127435828) were notified by the Chief of the State Police division to never speak of the matter as a ‘kidnapping’ but rather to inform anyone and everyone that “Neimah, being involved with her own love affair, is missing due to her lover”. The State Police logic: follow instructions or else.


Since then, Mr. Kamal has not ceased his search for his daughter Neimah. Matter of fact, as his search continued, it was discovered that the people who took Neimah are from the family of Baset (0124256489).

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