Kafeel's dream was to build housing complex in UK where Shariat would rule


Kafeel Ahmed, an accused in the failed UK terror plot, had a dream of constructing a housing complex on the outskirts of Bangalore where Shariat would have been the rule of law.

An analysis of his computer hard disk showed a detailed project in which Kafeel, who drove a blazing jeep into Glasgow airport, wanted to purchase a land of five acres in or around Bangalore where a housing complex could be set up, officials carrying out his background check said.

They said Kafeel's dream project showed that he wanted Shariat law to be followed in letter and spirit at the proposed housing complex.

An engineer by profession, Kafeel, who suffered 90 per cent burns while trying to ram his jeep into Glasgow airport, had been visiting several religious and secessionist sites, including Jamat-ul-Dawa, the parent organisation of militant outfit Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

Kafeel had also been attending religious meetings and opposed modernisation of Islam, the sources said.

In January this year, Kafeel had disrupted a meeting organised by a Bangalore-based organisation to discuss reform in Islam.

Security agencies were for the time being inclined to rule out Kafeel's association with any of the deadly terror groups like Al Qaeda [Images] as was evident from the bombs he tried to assemble with information gleaned from Web sites. He had little practical knowledge of explosive devices.

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