Jerusalem Arabs from Cairo, Hossam Abu Talib :
Increased demands for the application of apostasy Ali Mohammed Hijazi, a convert from Islam to Christianity in different parts of cities and villages, despite the fact that the d.
Ali Gomaa Egyptian Mufti opinion issued two months ago in which he affirmed the inadmissibility killed apostate based on Koranic any kind is no compulsion in religion and that the majority abolished, but many of clerics and sheikhs of Al-Azhar recently launched appeals for the prosecution Hijazi, the application limit, and on top of these d. Souad Saleh professor at Al Azhar University, which confirmed told Quds Al-Arabi that the establishment of a secretariat of apostasy in the neck, crown prince and what was mentioned by Gomaa of the opinion of no value.
Saleh pointed out that the young man not only Catechumen and apostasy from Islam but ridiculed and denied that he was a divine religion, which puts it in a ditch conspiring against Muslims where he also request patrons from the West against the Islamic world and creed.
D attacked. Sabour Shahin, head of the Department of Sociology Faculty of Language House Science dubious role played by some institutions to give opportunity to groups preaching in Egyptian cities.
He said that the extent of apostasy stipulated in the Islamic Sharia No one can claim to suspend or not, and called for the need to apply the border, describing the conditions that led to that country because of the corruption that has ravaged Elements of the State.
The Shaheen Hijazi apostate, because it recognized that Islam is not a religion club that the killers.
He also called Sheikh Youssef Al-Badri of the application limit on Hijazi considered opinion Gomaa not have continued, especially as young declared war on Islam.
He said Badri : should not the clerics to buy power Reza angrily God Almighty.
And Sheik Mohammed Hassan not apply to those who want an end to apostasy converts from Islam and considered these sedition against the Muslims and described what he did Hijazi that require killing, and said the nation should be invited Mawla Almighty and establish its borders.
D criticized. Safe helper professor at Al Azhar University lawsuits some secularists who are demanding that the application of apostasy. She told Quds Al-Arabi that what the scientists for the person turns on Islam and liabilities and uses doubted the religion of Allah is true that the killing and expressed regret because of a lack of interest Azhar cause Hijazi describing silence religious dignitaries that will abandon the right of God and messengers.
He appealed to Sheikh Gad Al-Ibrahim Mosque imam mercy district Mariotia channel quarters prosecution Hijazi government for the implementation of the Sharia and of استتابته three days and then killed if not due to its senses.
He said Ibrahim Jumaa opinion invalid for lack of grounds and that it aims to address Dr. power.

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