A report to World Council of Human Rights  

The Middle East Christian Associations for human rights is a legal human rights organization registered in Canada, with registration number 1676036 for the year 2005, Files a case to the world Council of Human Right to suspend the Republic of Egypt’s membership to their reputable council,

 due to the current regime’s aggressive record in the field of human rights violations in Egypt. The Egyptian regime insists on violating all the norms and implementing inhuman acts by not improving the living conditions of its people.

The regime even goes further by arresting and torturing any person who simply asks the state to improve the political situation in our beloved country. So many victims are arrested and tortured in prisons that are meant to be for criminal and betrayers but never for victims if inhuman rights and injustice.The latest victims to these inhuman acts were two of our associations’ members, they have bee arrested for more than two weeks now with particular accusation. The only accusation they could find is that our members and organization tarnish Egypt's reputation abroad. Allow us to present to you a report full of many flagrant violations and accurate information of human right against the Copts in Egypt, either by the regime or the police force. 

This report is a book under the name of “The Persecuted” recording all the cases that happen in our beloved Egypt, we send you five copies in English and a copy will be sent to the Court of Human Rights in Geneva as well as to “The Secretary General of the United Nations and to all the permanent members of Security Council.

Nader fawzyChairman of the Middle East Christian Associations  

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