Boy Confesses to Assaulting Ex-Muslim Jami

NIS News  

THE HAGUE, 25/08/07 - A 17 year old boy on Friday confessed to assaulting Ehsan Jami.

The teenager from Leidschendam stated to an investigating judge that he beat and kicked Jami on 4 August.

He was however released because the judge did not find the assault serious enough to justify an extension of his pre-trial custody.

Police arrested the 17 year old Muslim on Thursday based on statements provided by Jami. He said three boys attacked him. The other two are still being sought.

The 22 year old Jami is the founder of a Committee for ex-Muslims, which will promote the right to leave Islam after being officially set up on 11 September. Various media had suggested in the past weeks that Jami may have invented the assaults.

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