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 The Middle East Christian Association expresses it surprise and shock regarding the prosecution’s shameless attitude

The prosecution today in a surprising and shocking move, presented a downloaded copy by the Egyptian SSI (from the internet) of what is know as the “Rapso Quran” as an excuse for the ongoing imprisonment of the Middle East’s Christian Association’s two members Dr. Adel fawzy and Mr. Peter Izat.

The documents presented to the court today have no connection what so ever Dr. Adel’s or Mr. Peter’s case, in legal terms this means that fabrication of evidence is taking place to keep them in custody. To our deepest regret the court heard it from the prosecution and ordered to continue holding the two members under custody with no alleged conviction. Dr. Adel emerged today with signs of excess fatigue and weariness as well as suffers from backache due to the ill-treatment he is subjected to in prison.

On the other hand the court postponed looking into the “Al Kush’h” case till November 8th 2007 after the Middle East Christian Association presented two new letters of delegation from victims in “Al Kush’h”, keeping in mind the association is still receiving more delegation letters. The postponement also took place to attach the file of the criminal case.

The Middle East Christian Association

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