Mostafa Bakry Egyptian editor of El-Osboea sentenced to 6 months imprisonment
al-baqari12/10/2006 14:04  - (SA)    Cairo -

An Egyptian editor known for inflammatory comment has been sentenced to six months imprisonment for libeling a journalist, says a court official. 

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From Al-Jazeera (Arabic)


They said a Cairo court rejected the appeal of Mustafa Barky, editor-in-chief of the weekly tabloid, Al-Obsess, and upheld the lower court's prison sentence, but set aside its fine of about $875.   

A day after the court's verdict was delivered, Bark said: "I am shocked. They can take me to prison any time." He said he would appeal again.  

The court official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to give press statements, said the verdict was handed down, but the judge would deliver his reasons later.  

Hashim 'supported corrupt men'

Bark was an independent legislator, but his immunity was lifted at his own request to allow the lawsuit to proceed.  

A little-known journalist, Talbot Hasidim, sued Bark over an article published in al-Obsess two years ago in which he accused Hasidim of supporting two "corrupt" men - a former cabinet minister and a former newspaper editor.  

The article also accused Hasidim of financial wrongdoing. Barky had a reputation for denigrating those he regarded as opponents of Egypt.  

When the leading human rights activist Sad Edina Ibrahim was on trial for tarnishing Egypt's image, Barky wrote in Al-Obsess that the sociology professor should be "hanged in a public square". Ibrahim, who had US and Egyptian citizenships, was acquitted on appeal.

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