Plot leader 'groomed children for terrorism'

By Duncan Gardham

Parviz Khan not only spoke openly about his plotting in front of his young children, but actively groomed them to take part.

In one recorded conversation of May 2006 he was heard shouting at his five-year-old son when he made a mistake reading the Koran from heart.

He made him stand in front of him with his hands by his side and demanded: "Who do you love?"

The child answered: "I love Sheikh Osama bin Laden."

"And?" said Khan.

"Sheikh Abdel-Rahman" referring to the "Blind sheikh" in prison in the US.

"And?" asked Khan.

"Sheikh Abu Hamza" referring to the jailed imam at Finsbury Park Mosque in North London.

"Who do you kill?" asked Khan.

"America kill," said the boy.

"Who else you kill?" said Khan.

"Bush I kill," said the boy.

"And who else?" demanded Khan.

"Blair kill, both people kill."

"Who else you kill?" asked Khan.

"Saddam, Saddam," said the boy.

Then the pair began chanting at each other.

Khan said: "Kuffar [non-believers]" the boy said: "Kill."

Khan said: "Mushrik [polytheists]" and the boy said: "Kill."

Then it continued with: "Hindu?... Kill... Sheedi [blacks]?... Kill... Pathan [thieves]?...Kill...Sharab [alcohol]?...Kill...And who do you love?...Sheikh Osama bin Laden, I love."

On another occasion, he paraded his daughter, then three, in front of "Uncle Zahoor" Iqbal, saying: "Listen to this, when you go in the mountains what are you going to make for mujahid [holy fighters]? Say it louder. What else are you going to make them?"

She could be heard talking about food and Khan went on: "You know sometimes when she's sleeping, two o'clock in the morning, she always says to me. What are you going to cook in the mountains? Chapattis.

"Inshallah [god willing] she'll marry into them and give birth to them. Inshallah."

Later Khan could be heard talking to his children as he played a DVD featuring chanting in Arabic with gunfire and screams.

"I can watch this all night," he added.

While his baby son was asleep in the room on another occasion he could be heard saying: "The best way to jook [stab] somebody is in the back of the head."

Khan boasted of the way he brought up his children, saying he had banned "Indian music" and made them eat and sleep on the floor.

"I've been sleeping on the floor for five years now," he added. "Since before the children were born.

"The children sleep on the floor so that tomorrow, if you take them from here and drop them in the mountains of Afghanistan, they're fine."

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