Bali bomber believed killed in southern Philippines

Agence France-Presse

THE terrorist who built the bombs used in the 2002 Bali atrocities is believed to have been killed in the Philippines, according to local military.

The body of a man thought to be Indonesian bomb expert Dulmatin, one of those behind the Bali bombings, was recovered from a shallow grave in the island of Tawi-tawi, said Major General Ben Dolorfino.

"As of now, we are conducting a DNA test to confirm if it is really his body,'' said Maj-Gen Dolorfino, adding that an informant had led them to the grave.

The US government has offered a $10 million bounty for Dulmatin, who has been hiding out in the southern Philippines with local militants for most of the past five years.

The army reported in January 2007 that Dulmatin was believed to have been hit by gunfire in a special forces commando raid that killed a top leader of al-Qaida-linked terror group Abu Sayyaf named Abu Sulaiman. Dulmatin was sighted afterward.

A US-backed offensive by up to 10,000 Philippine soldiers led to the killing of Abu Sayyaf chieftain Khaddafy Janjalani in September and has kept Dulmatin, Patek and other Islamic militants on the run.

Patek and Dulmatin are believed to have been on the run with members of Abu Sayyaf.

Philippine security officials suspect the men were involved in helping the Abu Sayyaf carry out a 2004 bombing that gutted a ferry and killed 116 people in the country's worst terror attack.

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