A spiky-haired techno fan: Bristol terror suspect before he donned his Muslim robes

 Daily Mail 

A terror suspect who dresses in Muslim robes was once a spikyhaired hardcore music fan with a pierced eyebrow. Andrew Ibrahim, 19, was arrested by police on Thursday under the Terrorism Act.

Andrew Ibrahim, 19, was arrested by police on Thursday under the Terrorism Act.

Three controlled explosions have been carried out at his home in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.

And a source who once worked with him confirmed that our picture, right, from the website MySpace is of Ibrahim when he had dyed red hair and facial piercings.

His profile lists his favourite music as hardcore, trance and techno.

The source said: "I had no idea he was a Muslim until I saw him recently. He was dressed in robes and had a beard. He must have had a major identity change."

Police have 28 days to question Ibrahim. His father, Egyptian born, Cairo university graduate consultant pathologist Dr Nassif Ibrahim, refused to comment at his luxury home in the Bristol suburb of Frenchay last night.

Dr Ibrahim's wife, Victoria, and Andrew left the home a year ago and she lives nearby with another man. They have one other son, Peter, a software designer.

Ibrahim has not visited his MySpace page since 2006 but lists his interests as DJing and singing in a band. He describes himself as a non-smoking, teetotal Muslim.

His neighbours who were evacuated when police swooped on his house were last night spending their third night away from home.

They said that Ibrahim wore traditional Islamic clothes and secured the door of his house with up to a dozen locks. One said: "We used to see him kicking a football around. His parents are very polite, professional types.

"We haven't seen Andrew for three years. Everyone assumed he was a student living away from home."

It is understood that Ibrahim was arrested after an informant contacted police. He had not previously been under investigation by either antiterrorist detectives or MI5.

Yesterday there was speculation that officers may have moved in after he purchased chemicals on a list of controlled substances. Certain haircare products and fertilisers are popular components of terrorist bombs.

The police and MI5 are now trying to determine what, if anything, he was planning and if he was acting alone or was part of a network.

The investigation will focus on who he has called from mobile and other phones and who has called him.

Any computers to which he has had access will be examined. Other indicators of his movements, such as cash withdrawals or credit card spending, will be checked and his family and known associates will be interviewed.

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