Radical Islamic in Netherlands

Netherlands have started feeling the toll of the short-sighted decision made by their politicians. The Turks and the Moroccans who were allowed to migrate into the country have started acting as radical Islamics against the same government..

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THE GENESIS of the fundamentalist Islam in Netherlands is a direct result of the short sighted policies pursued by the Dutch politicians in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Netherlands is a country well renowned for its liberal values and emphasis on individual freedom. The nation although small in size is densely populated with a population of approximately 16 million inhabitants.

The country has more than a million Muslims residents mainly from Turkey and Morocco. Netherlands faced a labour shortage during the 1960’s and 70’s, as a result they allowed a lot of Turks and Moroccans in their country during that period. This phase of work migration ended in 1973, but all these immigrants were allowed to bring in their families to Netherlands. Dutch politicians and society were of the opinion that subsequently these people will merge in the Dutch society. This turned out to be a false assumption.

Its a well known global fact that birth rates in Muslim community is higher than other communities. Netherlands being a welfare society has a lot of benefit schemes for its citizens, which include child support, study financing, unemployment allowance etc. These Muslim migrants, thus got a lot of monetary support from the Dutch government but still they remain fundamentalists.

A lot of Turks and Moroccans openly praised the 09/11 attacks, but worse was in store for the citizens of The Netherlands. In 2004, Theo Van Gogh an eminent Dutch intellectual was brutally killed in Amsterdam by a Moroccan fanatic. Van Gogh was shot eight times andhad multiple stab wounds on his body.

He produced a short documentary entitled, ’’Submission’’, which depicted the poor condition of women in Islamic societies. A lot of these Moroccans and Turks openly praised the attacker instead of condemning this lunatic. In fact one of a prominent Imam in The Netherlands during the course of his sermon called Van Gogh a ’’criminal bastard’’. Dutch cities and towns are full of Turks and Moroccans, who take social benefits from the Dutch government and yet keep criticising the Western societies.

A majority of these Turks and Moroccans go to their respective countries and marry girls over there. The newly -weds can easily migrate to Holland because of their husbands holding Dutch passports furthermore, many of these Turks and Moroccans marry ’white junk’, (Dutch girls who are too old, fat or ugly to find Dutch partners) to get Dutch nationality. They go back and marry again in Turkey and Morocco since Islam allows having multiple wives.

This clearly reveals that the integration policies of Dutch politicians did not had any positive effects in mixing of Muslims with the locals. During the 1960’s and 70’s labour shortage crisis, instead of bringing Turks and Moroccans into their country, inhabitants of East European countries like Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. should have been bought to the Netherlands. East Europeans are culturally more close to Dutch than Turks and Moroccans. The Dutch society is facing the consequences of short sighted approach of its politicians in forms of increasing drain on social welfare funds and growing ranks of radical Islamics in the country.

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