Morocco court jails 29 for 'terrorism intent'

ABC News 

A court in Morocco has convicted 29 men of forming a group with the intent to carry out terrorist attacks.

The men belonged to a group known as the Tetouan Cell and were given prison sentences of between one and eight years.

The Tetouan Cell, named after the northern town its members came from, was accused of being a recruiting sergeant for Al Qaeda and like-minded organisations.

The Moroccan authorities believe the men had links to Al Qaeda and radical Islamic groups in Morocco and across north Africa.

The state press agency, which announced the news, highlighted the fact one of the group has Swedish citizenship, having lived there for three decades, before returning to the town of his birth.

Tetouan has gained a reputation as a hotbed of radical Islam. Five of the seven men who carried out the Madrid bombings in 2004 prayed at the same mosque in Tetouan.

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