Pakistan's Christians Face Taliban Terror

By Gary Lane - The Pakistani military mobilized troops in around the city of Pershawar, launching attacks on Taliban hideouts.

The government acted in response to fears that the Taliban and other Islamic militants were moving in to control the city.

The military offensive came just days after thousands of Taliban supporters cheered the public execution of two accused informants, and after militants in nearby south Wazirstan killed 28 members of a peace committee.

It also came about a week after police negotiated the release of 16 kidnapped Christians from the Peshawar area.

According to the Voice of the Martyrs, Taliban militants seized the Christians

Last week as they were in prayer at a child dedication service. the service was held in a former Madrassa Islamic school.

Some of the Christians were beaten. Cell phones, money and personal possessions were stolen from them. The Taliban abductors demanded that the group's pastor convert to Islam. He refused.

One of the kidnapped Christians (who's identity has been hidden) said the believers were driven to a mountain out of town. Though they faced death, they remained strong in their Christian faith.

"They held us captive all night within a cave hidden in the mountainside. During this time we were continuously giving thanks and praise to God quietly in hearts because the Holy Bible tells us to give thanks to our LORD in every condition," the Christian said.

Christian families residing in the former Madrassa have decided to relocate.

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