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Peter Oborne has made some decent documentaries in the past and written some good articles in the mainstream press. However, when it comes to muslims in England he is merely a useful idiot or an outright dhimmi. I say England because Oborne didn’t report from other parts of the UK. Presumably, muslims are treated differently in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Check out the links below to his Channel 4 “Dispatches” documentary “It shouldn’t happen to a muslim”.

Typically Oborne equates the present and understandable attitude towards muslims in England to anti-Jewish sentiments exhibited around a hundred years ago. Headlines from a 1911 newspaper concerning Jewish immigration were mentioned. Oborne described it along the lines of “massive Jewish immigration”. In the final part Oborne speaks of “the 2 million British muslims”.

For your information 2 million represents about 1/7th of the whole Jewish population OF THE WORLD! Yes folks the total Jewish population of the world numbers about 14 million.

Yet Oborne seeks to equate the relative handful of Jews in Britain with the 2 million muslims overtly seeking to change our society.

ACTION REQUIRED: Please watch the videos, if you were not able to watch the programme on Channel4.

Then write to Channel4. I would suggest you write asking for “Islam: What the West needs to know” to be screened on Channel4. Also, ask Channel4 and the makers of “Dispatches” to make a programme with ex-muslims explaining why they left islam and how islamism is blighting the lives of non-muslims across the world.

Contacts: here and webform

Perhaps if you are a non-muslim such as a Copt or Armenian who has fled persecution in an islamic country, you might like to request a programme be made about muslim oppression of your people.

If you are suffering persecution in England or elsewhere in the UK at the hands of muslims then please ask Channel4 to make a documentary about muslim oppression of the kuffar in your community.

In any case, please write to Channel4 and ask for some balance.

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