Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide: Bin Laden a Jihad Fighter

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The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, Muhammad Mahdi Akef, recently gave an interview where he said numerous things debunking the “moderate” label the West has given him. Among the highlights:

  • He reiterates his opposition to a Copt becoming the president of Egypt, arguing that Egypt “has Islamic values and principles that must be respected.” Although, he does say that the final decision is up to “the people.”
  • Reaffirmed his party’s plan to implement Shari’a Law if it comes to power in Egypt
  • Reaffirmed his opposition to a potential female president and opposition to women in senior political positions
  • Said, “If we are permitted, we will send fighters to oppose occupation” in Iraq and Palestine
  • Says there is no doubt that Osama Bin Laden is a “jihad fighter” who seeks to get closer to Allah
  • Says he supports Al-Qaeda’s activities against “occupation” but not civilians

One has to understand that Muslim Brotherhood is not as reckless as Al-Qaeda, and as a political movement, far more efficient and intelligence. No organization will admit favoring attacks on “civilians,” but the key question is who Akef considers a “civilian.”

 It reminds me of when I spoke with a radical Muslim in New York who was rallying with the Islamic Thinkers Society, who repeatedly said he opposed attacks on civilians and innocents. How then did he justify terrorist attacks in Israel, Iraq, and elsewhere? He argued they weren’t innocents and could be not be considered civilians due to their status as occupiers or assistants to the occupiers.

Al-Qaeda is likely to whither and die due to its failure to win new converts and communicate effectively. Muslim Brotherhood appears to have learned how to defeat this obstacle, carefully using words like “occupation” and opposing “terrorism” to create an image of a “moderate.” But does being slightly more “centrist” than Al-Qaeda may you a centrist and thus, a friend of democracy, human rights, and those fighting terrorism?

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