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Rasha Nour -

Egypt For Christ service

I am the grandmother of Mina Tawfik Fayiq (19 years), draftee in the Central Security Department, east city  sector, Sidi Bishr West, Saif Street(Alexandria). The history of his recruitment: he has been  spending the  mandatory service since 15 / 1 /2008.

tasbeha-1: On Wednesday, 23 / 7 / 2008 I was contacted by someone unknown to me and said that he is from  the same camp where  my grandson is recruited and told me that her grandson Mena Tawfiq Fayiq suffering from cerebral concussion and is  lying between life and death, after which the phone call was disconnected.  When I went to the camp in Sidi Bishr  with some relatives we were refused  entry into the camp, and were prevented from seeing him. Upon our insistance  my relatives have been threatened and we were expelled.  On the same day, upon our return home we were contacted  by the same person.  Faced with my pleading and sobbing, he told me that my grandson Mina Tawfiq Fayiq has been  accused of evangelising Christianity in the camp and that he is converting people into Christianity in Alexandria  and that he is allegedly the follower of Reverend Zakaria. tasbeha-1: All the moslem soldiers in the camp encircled Mina and following the  orders of an officer (deputy commander) they  continued to beat him with sticks and batons for more than half an hour until he lost consciousness, his flesh  was torn and lost one eye. They tried to make him conscious by throwing water over him, but he was lying between life and death.  The Commander of the unit prevented him from being transferred to hospital for fear of legal  accountability.  He is now under treatment by a doctor in the camp Unit, a guard was appointed to oversee him for fear of his escape from the camp. I implore all human rights advocates in Egypt and all over the free world so  that he would be  transferred to any hospital for treatment and save him his life ... I beg of you and kiss your  hands to rescued my grandson who has no one but me. I brought him up since the death of his parents. I would like to add that my grandson cannot read or write since he never went to school, so how can he be accused of  evangelising?

Complaint presented by Om Adel/grandmother of Mina Tawfiq Fayiq

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