Britain: model pupil leads double-life

Promising student by day, mujahid out to "wipe out infidels" by night

TH1_18820086munshi.jpgUpdate on this story. "Model pupil secretly studied ways of wiping out non-Muslims," from Yorkshire Post, August 19:

Britain’s youngest terrorist - a teenager from West Yorkshire - was behind bars today after a guide to death and explosives was found in the schoolboy’s home.

Hammaad Munshi, just 16 and taking GCSEs when arrested, was part of a cell of cyber groomers that set out to brainwash the vulnerable to kill “non-believers”.

For nearly a year the Dewsbury teenager, whose grandfather is a leading Islamic scholar, led a double life.

Now, of all Muslims, surely a 'alim's grandson would be in a good position to know the true nature of jihad -- you know, that it's primarily about "being a better student, a better colleague, a better business partner. Above all, to control one's anger." Just another Misunderstander of Islam?

By day he attended lessons at the local comprehensive and did as he was told.


But in the evening he spent hours surfing jihadist sites and distributing material to others as part of what the Crown branded a “worldwide conspiracy” to “wipe out” non-Muslims.

London’s Blackfriars Crown Court heard it contained detailed instructions about making napalm, other high explosives, detonators, and grenades, and “how to kill”.

He was 15 when recruited by Aabid Khan, 23, a “key player” in radicalising the impressionable and vulnerable here and abroad with his message of “violent jihad”.[...]

Khan wanted to fulfil the teenager’s wish to go abroad and “fight jihad”, and during one internet exchange discussed how the schoolboy might smuggle a sword through airport security.[...]

Must have been inspired by the most ruthless of all jihadists, Khalid bin Walid, also known as Sayf Allah -- "Sword of Allah."

Two bags of ball-bearings - the shrapnel of choice for suicide bombers - were found in one of his pockets


On his PC were al Qaida propaganda videos and recordings promoting “murder and destruction”.

The teenager, whose grandfather is Sheikh Yakub Munshi, president of the Islamic Research Institute of Great Britain at the Markazi Mosque, Dewsbury, also stored notes on martyrdom under his bed.

One who is not taking part in the battle nor has the sheer intention to die is in the branch of hypocrisy,” they read.

“I don’t want to be a person like it has been mentioned about, I don’t want to be deprived of the huge amounts or lessons Allah has prepared for the believers in the hereafter.”

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