Muslims arrested in Old Bailey demo

Source Daily Telegraph

Four Muslims were arrested outside the Old Bailey yesterday during angry protests against the trial of a man allegedly involved in protests against Danish cartoons.

Anjem Choudary, who helped organise the anti-Danish protests, was once more involved as was Abu Izzadeen, who confronted John Reid, the Home Secretary, on a recent visit to East London.Mr Choudary said afterwards: "We should not be surprised at people doing something like 7/7.

How else do you expect Muslims to express themselves?"We are a community under siege. It's going to blow up one day in everyone's faces.

"Male demonstrators, most wearing scarves across their faces, held placards reading 'Cartoonist free at large, protesters criminalised', 'Freedom to insult Mohammed, no freedom to defend his honour', and 'Biased government, biased CPS, biased police, biased judges'.

Female protesters, in a separate enclosure from the men and wearing full veils, held placards reading: "Shariah — the only option for the UK."Speaking through a megaphone, Mr Choudary told supporters: "Islam is the fastest growing belief in the UK, the fastest growing belief in Europe and the fastest growing belief around the world.

"The demonstration was being directed away from the Central Criminal Court by police when one of the men allegedly assaulted a cameraman. The three others were arrested when they tried to help their friend. City police said a number of officers sustained minor injuries.

The protesters were objecting to the arrest of Mizanur Rahman, 23, a web designer from Edmonton, North London, whose trial began yesterday for allegedly soliciting murder and using threatening, abusive or insulting words to stir up racial hatred during a demonstration. Rahman is said to have called for "another 9/11" in Europe

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