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Dear friend of the persecuted Copts

For the last few months, 'Voice of the Copts' kept you informed with a lot of sad news happening to the Copts in their homeland.

One of those was the barbaric attack of the Arabs on the Abu-Fana Monastery last May. This attack resulted not only in the abduction and torture of three monks, but resulted also in another very sad story. 

Two Coptic brothers, Refaat and Ibrahim Fawzy Abdo, who work as contractors, were arrested by the police, accused of killing one of the Arab attackers. Although released on bail, they have been sent instead to a detention camp on the borders of Sudan.

Those two brothers, who are the only two breadwinners in the family, have left behind their two families of 16 persons, mostly children, without any resources whatsoever.

As per their attorney Mr. Zackary, they have been used as scapegoats to force the Church to give in to the Arab aggressors' unjust demands. The security police wanted to make a deal with them in exchange for their freedom, and that is to testify that the monks used weapons during the attack on the Monastery. When they refused, they were subjected to electric shocks to extract a false testimony from them.  In spite of the continuous torture, they refused to bear false witness against the innocent monks.

The autopsy of the killed Arab indicated that the bullet which killed him was of the same sort as the bullets fired by the attackers. Furthermore, the two brothers were miles away from the scene of the attack.

Voice of the Copts is working hard to obtain all the case documents from Mr. Zackary, in order to start an international case to save the lives of those two innocent men.

Meanwhile, with the Christmas Holidays round the corner,  we would like to put a smile in those kids' faces.

We would appreciate if you could support us in our fundraising and send just a few dollars to those families.

In order to do so, please visit our website at:

www.voiceofthecots.org      or
www.lavocedeicopti.org and use our donate link.

Please indicate that your donation is for "Abu Fana Contractors Children"

Thank you for your help and may God helps us in our fight against the
oppression of the Egyptian Copts.

Voice of the Copts
Dott. Arch.Ashraf Ramelah,
Associate AIA

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