The Universality of Radical Islam

Lessons to learn from the Middle East 

 In his latest Video interview on 27th July 2006, Ayman Al-Zawahri, the second in command of AlQaeda has warned in a video statement that those backing attacks on Muslims in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip will be made to pay.

 Al-Zawahri declares that the current war of Radical/ Political Islam is a war against "the Crusader-Zionist". A view, which has been maintained through out since the Radical Islam emerged as a violent, loosely connected terrorist groups, which proved to be the greatest threat to world peace and political and personal freedoms in the twenty first century.  

Following the Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister condemnation of “the irresponsible act by a group”, the Saudi sheikh Abdullah Bin Gbrin issued fatwa that “the support of Hezbollah party is not permissible.  Saudi Arabia royal family and its supporting religious establishments, the centre for Sunni Islam seem to be in fear of westward expansion of the Shia’a influence which has gained considerable power in Iraq, and now seem to be leading Muslim Nations in a war against Israel in Lebanon to the great admiration of popular sentiments which has now and for the past three decades, been subject to the overwhelming, all engulfing Islamic radicalization and heightened religious fervor fueled by the Middle Eastern governments sponsored Media and education systems. Saudi is in great fear of the development of the “Shia’a Crescent”. 

On Thursday 27/7/07 Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Islamist political movements in the whole world, rejected the fatwa or religious ruling by Saudi clerics against supporting Hezbollah, which is Shia’a Muslim. Here there is a schism between the leading Sunni governments who are in fear of loosing grounds to the Shia’a on one hand and the radicalized Sunni Muslims in the streets of Cairo or Riyadh on the other hand who seem to be more in tune with Radical Islam views, reflected by Muslim Brothers (tactical) inclinations and statements.  

On 29/7/07 Egypt mufti Sheikh Ali Gomaa antagonized the “Saudi Fatwa” and backed Hezbollah’s fight “The attacks, killing and destruction that are taking place in Lebanon now by Israeli forces are injustice itself,” Mufti Ali Gomaa told a meeting in southern Egypt. This gives the Lebanese the right to defend themselves. Hezbollah is defending its country and what it is doing is not terrorism,” said Gomaa, an Egyptian government appointee but his stance is more in line with Muslim Brothers “tactical stance” of avoiding Inter-Islamic sectarianism.  

Until the 9th of September 2001 “Radical or Political Islam movements” remained largely obscure to the “West”, a day of events that worked as the catalyst or alarm.  Some started to “dig” deeper in an attempt to understand the motives behind the colossal amount of hatred which made some people pay the ultimate price, of their own lives, to kill people they do not know, in a far away land, Something unheard of in history. 

Radical Islam literature, which has been widely distributed in Arabic in the Middle East for generations but only recently, some of it became available in other languages, reflects the ideology of the mother of the Radical Islam movements, the Muslim Brothers. 

Muslim Brothers started in 1928 in the city of Ismaliliah, Egypt at the hands of the founder of the movement Hassan El-Bana, a primary school teacher who was moved by the demised of the Islamic caliphate empire “The ottoman Empire” (since the inception of Islam the, Capital of government moved from Mecca, to Damascus to Baghdad and eventually to Istanbul). The aim of the Muslim Brothers as it appears in their manifesto in “To establish the Muslim Person, the Muslim home, the Muslim nation, the Muslim government, which leads to the United Muslim States which will carry the banner of Jihad and call to believe in Allah so that the whole world will be happy with the teaching of Islam” 

The demise of the Islamic caliphate empire was the result of the defeat of Turkey in the First World War and the start of the British and French Mandate over the Muslim countries of the Middle East, something that Al-Zawahri referred to with lamentation when he referred to "Sykes-Picot borders" in his latest Video interview. Muslim Brothers literature are plentiful, speak clearly of their objectives, which were clearly split out in plethora of writings by Said Kotb, the prominent member of the Muslim Brothers (born1906- executed in Egypt1966)  

Said Kotb in his book “Ma’alem Ala Altarik” translates to ”Signs on the way” clearly and strongly rejected the principles of democracy, man made laws “Versus theocracy”, equality between Muslims and non Muslims, equality between men and women, Said Kotb advocated theocracy rules and declared that the duty of every Muslim is to unite with other fellow Muslim under the banner of “Muslim Umma i.e Muslim Nations” a tie which supercedes any other family, blood, nationhood or any other tie to spread Islam through “Jihad”. The Muslim brotherhood manifesto is largely based of that book ”Signs on the way” .  

Non Muslims in Muslim land should be humiliated, subjugated and treated as “Dhimmies” a view which is shared by all Radical Islam scholars which became later the “culture of the Middle East”. The “Dhimmies” principle in the treatment of the Jews and Christians is universally accepted in Islam, it was reflected in many Islamic writers article and books, some of them were prominent scholars and people of office. 

Sheik Abdel-Halim Mahmoud, the Ex Head of Al-Azhar Mosque and the highest religious authority when he wrote his book “Al-Eman Bellah” which translate “Believing in God” he dictated that Muslims must despise, do injustices to Christians and Jews to show them how dignified and powerful Muslims are and how humiliated contemptible the “People of the book” are to coerce  them to  convert to Islam, this book still being sold in Egypt despite of the many “red tapes” the government exert on all audio-visual materials, books, films and otherwise. It is quit noticeable wherever you walk in any city or town in Egypt you will find books and tapes which denigrates Judaism and Christianity. This let loose Media has been a major factor in increased radicalization in Middle East countries, radicalization akin to what Joseph Goebbels did with the Nazi media. 

The call to unify the “Believers” against the “Infidels”, such as the call from Ayman Al-Zawahri in his latest Video interview, has been used to very effective end, through the history and across the world from El-Kosheh Massacre 2000 in Egypt to another smaller scale attack on Christians in Egypt such as the attack on Manqateen church village, El-Minya province in December 2004 to attacks on Christians in Nigeria, Sudan, Indonesia for no other reason than being Christians, this call can rally “The believers” by shear reflex response without thinking.  

In attacks on non-Muslims by fanatic Muslims, perpetrators come from near by villages in large numbers to attack Christian targets, Radical Islamists used the up to date technology available such as mobile phones SMS messages to coordinate the attacks which served to: coordinate better, rally large numbers, and make recognition of the assailants more difficult being strangers to the village.  

It is now becoming increasingly obvious that “Radical Islam” is a totalitarian, fascist violent and supremacist system which believes in terrorizing and coercing people to convert to Islam, it has an agenda which spans the whole world and Al-Zawahri speech proves it.  

As I said earlier, Radical Islam is the greatest threat to world peace and political and personal freedoms in the twenty first century. If you want to predict what could happen to the “West” you can look at the situations of the Christians of the Middle East, there is a great lesson to learn.   

Ibrahim Habib

United Copts GB

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