An opportunity to serve our people in Egypt

Dr Samieh Amr, the new Egyptian Medical Counsellor has recently contacted the President and the EC members of the EMS-UK to establish closer ties between the Ministry of Health in Egypt and the Egyptian Doctors in UK through the EMS and the Egyptian Medical Office in London. 

The Egyptian authority is keen to develop links with us, arranging visits for the Egyptian Consultants in UK to hospitals and other medical centres all over Egypt, as well as training Egyptian doctors in UK centres and also in Egypt.

They are also interested in establishing links between UK centres and their counterparts in Egypt, transferring modern medical technology to Egyptian hospitals.In addition, they like to extend the cooperation to management, marketing, pharmaceuticals and nursing sectors. 

The EC of the EMS has discussed Dr Amr proposals and agreed in principle to cooperate with him in implementing some of his very ambitious dreams.Dr Mahmoud Salam, EC Member, has volunteered to become the Liaison Officer and work closely with me and Dr Samieh Amr in this project.  

As a small society with very limited resources, we believe we can help in the areas of training, education, clinical care through our regular visits to Egypt, as individuals. I have no doubt that every one of us would like to help Egypt in any way, but some of us had had rather unpleasant experience in dealing with the Egyptian authority, as it was voiced at our AGM last week. 

However, the EC believe we should start a new chapter with our new enthusiastic Medical Counsellor. Therefore, I am writing to all who are current or retired NHS substantial Consultants, Professors, Senior Lecturers or GPs in any branch of medicine.If you are willing to help, please fill in the attached form and email it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., not later than Friday 10th November 2006.Once we know how many are willing to help, I will arrange a meeting with Dr Samieh Amr to discuss the matter further.   

I would expect the meeting to take place in London within the next 2 - 3 weeks.I will keep you posted Best wishes  

Hesham Kaddour                    

Secretary of EMS-UK   




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