A statement Issued by

The Union of Coptic Organizations in Europe

On the American presidential, address to the Muslim world 

The Union of Coptic Organizations in Europe expresses its support for the American President's speech, which was to open a new page in relations between the United States, the West and the Muslim world.

The EU expresses its hope for the implementation of recommendations of the American President, especially with regards to the rights of religious minorities in the region as the Copts in Egypt and the Maronites of Lebanon and the fight against terrorism in the region including funding extremist groups to division between the citizens of that country, and violate the honor and the lives of others. 

The Union of Coptic Organizations in Europe is committed to using all peaceful means, legal and public information and rights to limit the criminal crimes of religious extremism and their instigators and that the claim of a free society to defend the vulnerable and marginalized populations and women.

The Union is to appeal to all organizations of the rights of Copts and global organizations, on the work of democratic dialogue and the act of giving permission to civil society to exercise its functions to determine the transparency and rule of law in Egypt so that our country, Egypt, become the oasis of security for its citizens, Copts and Muslims. 

The Union of Coptic Organizations in Europe

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