Appeal to save the Mansour family from deportation

You can fax the Immigration Minister
Mr. Phil Woolas on 0870 336 9034
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Published by kim draper on Jul 04, 2009
On The 1st July 2009 @ 6.30am the Mansour family were taken from their home in Moss Side and moved to a holding centre in Sussex after their legal team failed to help them.
Their legal advisers, who were paid a considerable amount by the Mansours, did not adequately represent them due to staff sickness. This has left the Mansour family in a critical situation.

The family came to England 4 years ago from Egypt because they feared for their lives. They have suffered persecution and worse from religious fundamentalist groups and the police department because of their Christian beliefs. They believe that their lives and those of their 5 young children are at risk if they return to Egypt.

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