Noni e Darwish “Radical Islam Plans to Take Over America 

The Conservative Voice 

By Sher Zieve – Appearing on Wednesday’s Laura Ingraham’s radio program, the author of “Now They Call Me Infidel” Nonie Darwish said the ultimate goal of radical Islam is to take over the US. Ms. Darwish, a Muslim, said that hundreds of Islamic mosques are being quickly built throughout the US, which currently have no attendees.  

Darwish said that the mosques are radical Wahabee in nature and “preach hate”.

When she questioned why the mosques were being built “at such great speed”, Darwish advised that she was told: “We’re here to Islamize America.”  

Darwish also warned that Islamic nations do not allow any freedoms to non-Muslims and that the US was in great peril from radical Islam, both without and within the country. 

Darwish advised that after 9/11/2001, she attempted to encourage Muslims in the US to demonstrate against the perpetrators of the carnage but, could find none to do so.

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