The Martyr Marwa and the Double Standards of the Middle East

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 Medhat Kelada

At the funeral event, thousands of people in Alexandria transformed her funeral to a popular event, the body of Marwa El-Sherbini, assassinated last Wednesday by a German extremist of Russian origin in one of the German courts, because of wearing the veil, her brother shouted "they are extremists, they are killers meaning the West and Europe".

The governor of Alexandria and a galaxy of political leadersthe funeral, she was given the title of a martyr so she could entre the paradise through its widest door so as not to miss its way.

The Sheik of Al-Azhar called upon the punishment by hanging of the killer and asked the Syndicate of the pharmacists to ask for the same demand also some members of the National Party, thus declaring their ignorance as death penalty is prohibited in the West by law.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs Abul Gheit and a large number of newspapers participated to mislead the people to claim that vengeance “of course is fair” he said. 


You see this only and individual extremist act in Germany toward a Muslim but what about the many examples of the Muslims’ acts of intolerance with tourists in Egypt, there are many examples:       
In October 1992, killing of a British tourist in Assiut,       
On 26 February 1993, murder of Swedish tourists and another Turkish in a cafe in the heart of Cairo        
On 8 June 1993, throw a bomb on a tourist bus were injured Al-Haram district 15 tourists        
On 4 March 1994, claimed responsibility for the Islamic Group an attack on the Cruise tourist in the Nile, a German tourist was dead.       
On 26 August 1994, gunmen fired on a tourist bus between Luxor and Sohag, killing Spanish.       
On 23 October 1994, claimed responsibility for the Islamic group, two attacks in the level, which resulted in the killing of a British man and injured five other people.       
On 18 September 1997, killed 9 German tourists and their Egyptian driver, after it was the bombing of their bus outside the Egyptian Museum in central Cairo.       
In 1997 killed 58 tourists in Luxor of them 36 Swiss tourists and mutilating their bodies       
On 7 April 2004 in the Moski Street near the area of Khan Al-Khalili in Al-Hussein, killing four people, including French tourist and an American tourist and 16 were injured,

On 7 October 2004, 34 people were killed, and injuring 10 others in three blasts targeted the Hilton Taba Hotel and other tourists in Sinai

This is a brief example of the murders of extremist groups partners of the motherland in the era of the President Gamal Abdel Nasser assault on a church in the suburbs of Luxor.       
In 1968 to attack the Copts cemetery in Akhmim and killed Mr. Atta Abadir and burning his body.       
Suez 1954 priest was killed in Suez his body in the era of the faithful President Mohamed Anwar Sadat City of El-Khanka burning the Church of and aggression on the homes of Copts        In 1981 killed 81 Copts in the corner red        
In 1987 an attack on the Church of the Catholic Copts were killed and 3 Copts        
In 1990 killed 6 Copts and 50 injured in the town of Manfalout in Upper Egypt        
In 1990 priest was killed the status of Abu Aboul-Matamir, were killed deaconesses 3.       
In 1992 that killed 18 Coptic massacre Menshiet Nasser in Dairut         In 1992 that killed 14 Copts in the village of established in Dairut and killed the teacher 2,000 Samaan during the semester        
In October 1993, killed four Copts in the city of Tama.       
 Assiut 24/2/1994, was killed consumption Coptic Christians are Magdi Sadiq Tawfiq, Zaki Nasif Yunnan and Boutros-Nasif Rizk, and Kamil Fathy Bekhit, Aziz Butrus Suleiman, Metri Atta Ateya Assiut.        
11/3/1994 massacre of monks at the door of Al-Maharaq Monastery in Al-Quasya killed five and injuring two persons       
In 2001 killed 21 Coptic in El Koshhe City, of course, there are a number for the attacks, of course, there are too many of the attack on churches and homes of Copts in the era of President Mubarak, but in the increasing numerical and qualitative as well as the kidnapping of their daughters by associations legitimacy deployed in Egypt and it is strange that all was not held accountable for their crimes against the Copts. 
Finally, this rapid condemns Western people extremism, especially after the killing of pharmaceutical Marwa El-Sherbini its west infidel, extremist and the people of the East and believers of the angels of God on Earth!. 
It is strange that those in charge of murder in the West is not religious conscientious middle either the motive to kill Copts and on their wives and their money motivated purely religious service to God That we know who they are Racists of the people of the West or of the people of evil
Medhat Kelada
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