VOICE OF THE COPTS along with National American Coptic Assembly and American Coptic Union

are to organize a peaceful demonstration.

On the occasion of President Mubarak's visit to Washington DC, in front of the White House.

The human rights organization, VOICE OF THE COPTS, with offices In Italy and USA, invites all human rights organizations, activists, and freedom loving citizens to join us in our demonstration to show support for the Christian Copts. On Tuesday August 18, 2009 gathering at 9:00AM, at Pennsylvania and 17th Street – Washington DC, then would move towards the White House. The objective of our peaceful demonstration is to protest and expose to the world the unprovoked, continuous and escalating criminal acts against the defenseless and peaceful Copts in Egypt, their families, their homes, their property and the defaming of their Christian religion by the Islamic extremists, encouraged by the policy adopted by the Egyptian regime.   The list of human rights violations against the Christian Copts is too long, as long as the 1429 years of suffering, discrimination and oppression since the Islamic invasion of Coptic Egypt.-We want to reiterate our rightful demands to President Mubarak and his Regime.- We seek the deletion of Islamic Laws from the Egyptian Constitution.- The return of all abducted Coptic women to their families immediately.- We want equal rights for the over than 15,000,000 Copts in their own homeland.- We want protection of life and property for the Copts.- We want freedom of faith.- We want laws to be passed which guarantees freedom to build our places of worship equal to the rights given to Muslims,
            without having to beg for a permission every time  renovations even to a Church's lavatory is required.
- We want the Coptic file taken away from the hands of the radical Islamist State Security.- We want a just and fair representation to the over than 15,000,000 Copts in public life, and their rights to organize
            themselves in civil non religious organizations.
- We want the immediate release of our innocent Coptic priest Father Metaos.  The return of all exiled Coptic spiritual
            leaders such as, Bishops Amonious of Luxor, Taklah of Isna, Mitias of Al Mahalah, and all others to their followers and
- We say no more to attacks on our churches and monasteries without any protection from the authorities.
- We say no more to Muslims killing Copts without being convicted, following Shari a law of the non-conviction of any
  Muslim for a crime committed against a Christian. Coptic blood is equal to Muslim blood.
- We say no more to the regime's plan of systematic abduction, rape and forced Islamization of Coptic teenage girls, in
  conspiracy with the extremists and the security forces.
- We say no more to the enforced Islamization of Christians in Egypt. Even our monks have been subjected to torture to
  renounce their faith.
- We say no more to the marginalization of Copts.
- We say no to the government's plan for the Islamization of Egypt.
- We say no to the government's plan to eradicate the Coptic Identity.
- We say no to any disrespect to our Christian faith.
 We appeal to President Obama to stand by his election promises concerning countries which do not respect human rights and freedom of religion.Let us together send a strong message to Mr. Mubarak and his Regime that such policies will not be tolerated by the free and civilized world. We ask you as a believer in freedom and human rights to help us defend the rights of the Copts in Egypt, for freedom and security.Support us to obtain justice and stop the 'ethnic cleansing' of the Copts. For any information please contact us on the following e-mail address:
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  Dottore  Architetto Ashraf RamelahPresidentwww.voiceofthecopts.orgwww.lavocedeicopti.org

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